Jennifer Garner's "new man" is her "Camping" co-star Arturo Del Puerto, according to a new report. But Gossip Cop looked into the claim and it's entirely untrue. A mutual friend of ours and the actress tells us the tabloid's story is wrong.

In its latest edition, OK! alleges that after "getting close" on the set of their upcoming HBO series, Del Puerto and Garner have "struck up a romance." The magazine quotes a so-called "source," who tells the outlet, "They began as friends, but it turned into something more." "It was clear to everyone on the set that sparks were there," says the purported insider.

The publication further asserts Del Puerto and Garner are "trying to keep their romance under wraps" for the time being. The magazine's tipster goes on to contend they spend a few nights a week together and during the day "send each other love notes." And when hanging out, "she can't stop smiling," shares the supposed "source."

Among Del Puerto's attributes that have allegedly attracted Garner, maintains the tabloid, are that he's "funny, talented... has a big heart," and is "wonderful with kids." The source then offers, "It's great to see her with someone who treat her so well." As for their future, the insider predicts, "This one could go the distance."

It should be noted that not one reliable magazine has linked the co-stars romantically. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop reached out to individuals involved in the production of "Camping," and no one could confirm the tabloid's tale. Additionally, as stated above, a Garner pal assures us on condition of anonymity it's completely untrue.

OK! has a very poor record when it comes to accurately reporting about the actress's love life. Among the articles we've busted was a report in 2015 that falsely maintained she was in an under-the-radar relationship with Patrick Dempsey. In 2017, Gossip Cop also nailed the tabloid when it wrongly asserted in another cover story that Garner was dating Chris Pine.

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop corrected the magazine for its repeated phony claims about Garner being in a secret romance with Josh Duhamel. And just five weeks ago, we shot down another cover story that alleged Garner and Affleck were back together. The reality is Garner never dated Dempsey, Pine, or Duhamel, nor did she reconcile with Affleck, with whom she's currently finalizing a divorce. The tabloid has been wrong over and over again about Garner and continues to be with its latest article about her "new man" being Del Puerto.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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