Jennifer Garner Dating Her Accountant?

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Jennifer Garner Dating Accountant

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Dating Accountant

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Is Jennifer Garner dating her accountant? That’s what the tabloids are wondering after the actress was spotted with a handsome hunk said to be her financial advisor. Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal what’s really going on.

Garner was “spotted with the finance fox outside of office hours on June 4 at SoHo House in Malibu,” writes Star. A so-called “spy” is quoted as saying, “They were with a friend, but Jen didn’t seem to care. She had on the biggest grin, batting her lashes and giggling at all of his jokes. She just melted.”

The magazine even describes Garner as “acting more like a googly-eyed teen” than a mother of three. And what about estranged husband Ben Affleck? “Ben knows he doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t jealous,” a supposed “pal” claims. “He’s got his eye on this guy.”

Uh, actually, he doesn’t, and he doesn’t need to. There is nothing going on between Garner and the man Star can’t even identify by name. Gossip Cop has exclusively learned that the guy in question is actually the husband of Garner’s longtime manager. What’s more is that he isn’t even the star’s accountant.

Basically, Star took a photo of Garner, ignored the fact that the aforementioned “friend” with her was her manager, and tried to make it look like she was dating someone who is very much married. And that means the Affleck quotes are either made up or from a very misinformed “pal.” In any case, the tabloid couldn’t be more wrong here.


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