Jennifer Garner’s Dad Did NOT Say She’s Back With Ben Affleck, Despite Report

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Jennifer Garner Dad Back Together Ben Affleck

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Dad Back Together Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Garner’s dad did NOT say she’s back with Ben Affleck, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

RadarOnline announces in a headline, “Jen & Ben Back On For Good! Her Dad Reveals How She Won Him Back.” In the accompanying post, the webloid claims, “A year after announcing their split, divorce is no longer an option.” But nothing in the story actually backs up either statement.

Garner’s father is quoted as merely saying he’s “awful proud” of his daughter and her estranged husband. And when asked whether the divorce had been called off, it’s said he replied, “I would prefer not to comment on her plans. Any news will come from her and not from us.” Nowhere did the man say Garner and Affleck were “back on for good” or reveal “how she won him back.”

In fact, this misleading and sensational article only came about because the site called up Garner’s dad as he deals with the recent destruction in West Virginia. The outlet took a phone conversation about the natural disaster and twisted it into a so-called “exclusive” about Garner’s marriage. Even RadarOnline’s own commenters pointed out that the “clickbait” headline didn’t actually match what was in the article.

A source close to the situation exclusively confirms to Gossip Cop that Garner’s dad “only spoke to them about the flood disaster.” Shame on RadarOnline for trying to make it seem otherwise.

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Jennifer Garner’s father has said that she is back with Ben Affleck.


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