Jennifer Garner Changed Locks On Ben Affleck?

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Jennifer Garner Changed Locks Ben Affleck

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Changed Locks Ben Affleck

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Did Jennifer Garner change the locks on Ben Affleck? One of this week’s tabloids claims she’s locked him out of their California home. Gossip Cop, however, can separate the fact from the fiction.

In Touch writes, “Ben Affleck has been shut out — literally — by estranged wife Jennifer Garner.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “She changed the locks on their Pacific Palisades mansion. She wants to keep him from dropping by whenever he wants. He must now call ahead before coming over.”

The supposed snitch goes on to claim Garner “decided to set some very important boundaries” because Affleck “wasn’t respecting the basic rules they’d previously agreed to.” But, adds the alleged tipster, “Ben isn’t happy about the change and is demanding the keys.”

And yet the outlet then suddenly flip-flops, citing a “source,” who says, “Things between them are going very well — very amicable. Ben comes home whenever possible. This is their new normal.”

Such an about-face is just par for the course with In Touch. As Gossip Cop pointed out last week, the tabloid has been publishing inconsistent stories about Garner and Affleck for months. Most recently, the magazine claimed in May that they were renewing their vows, only to say in June that their divorce was “back on.”

In Touch has been completely out of touch when it comes to Garner and Affleck for quite some time. And the tabloid still is. A rep for Affleck tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the allegations about the actor getting locked out of the family home are “incorrect.”

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