Jennifer Garner NOT “Calling Off” Divorce From Ben Affleck, Despite Report

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Jennifer Garner Calling Off Divorce

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Garner Calling Off Divorce


Jennifer Garner is NOT “calling off” her divorce from Ben Affleck, despite a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can debunk the inaccurate report.

According to the new issue of OK!, Garner and Affleck have “reconciled,” and the magazine quotes a “source” as saying, “In Atlanta, Ben asked Jen if there was anything he could do to save the marriage. The trust isn’t there right now, but she left the door open.” So, why is Garner “hanging in there”?

A supposed “insider” alleges to OK!, “Coming out with their divorce news has, oddly enough, been cathartic for them.” The tabloid’s tipster even goes on to say, “Now that it’s all out in the open, they feel more comfortable in each other’s company than they have in a long time.” Additionally, Affleck is said to have “vowed to stop drinking and gambling and be more present.”

And so, claims one of OK!’s snitches, Garner “has put the divorce on hold for now to give him one last chance. She’s hoping they can repair their friendship and trust and that their marriage will follow. She says they love each other too much to give up just yet.”

Where to begin? Well, first off, Garner and Affleck were anything but “comfortable” in each other’s presence. As Gossip Cop exclusively reported on Tuesday, the estranged spouses recent get-togethers with their kids were strained, and not the sign of any kind of reconciliation.

Furthermore, the reason Garner hasn’t yet filed for divorce is not because of second thoughts, but due to her and Affleck choosing to privately mediate a settlement before they take legal action through the court system. As sad as it may be, Garner is still moving forward, and nothing has been “called off,” contrary to the OK! cover claim.

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Jennifer Garner is calling off her divorce from Ben Affleck.


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