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Jennifer Garner's romance with her boyfriend John Miller is frequently the subject of false tabloids stories. Gossip Cop has debunked many bogus reports about the couple. Here are five wrong rumors.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted OK! for falsely claiming Garner was pregnant with Miller's baby and the two were in the process of planning a wedding. According to the magazine, the actress was in the early stages of pregnancy with a baby girl while also organizing a marriage ceremony that would be a "low-key family affair with just a few close friends." A source close to Garner, however, assured us the story was nonsense. In addition to not expecting a baby, "Entertainment Tonight" similarly reported that "neither of them are ready to plan a wedding or get engaged."

Earlier this month, Gossip Cop called out the Globe for wrongly reporting that Garner and Miller had gotten engaged. The tabloid maintained that the businessman proposed to the actress over breakfast, but failed to explain exactly where and when it happened. The outlet further contended that Ben Affleck was "shattered" over the alleged engagement news. As noted above, Garner and Miller aren't rushing down the aisle. It's also worth noting, just one day after the magazine's article was published, Garner was photographed running errands in Santa Monica without a ring on her left hand. Regardless, a source close to the actress confirmed she's not engaged.

Gossip Cop corrected Star in January for alleging that Affleck was "a wreck" over Garner's romance with Miller. The publication claimed the actor has been "down and out" ever since his ex-wife moved on with her new boyfriend, and was "shutting himself off" from friends as a result. The story was baseless. People magazine, a much more reliable source for celebrity news than Star, wrote an article noting that Affleck supports Garner's new relationship and "will always want the best" for her. E! News similarly reported, "Ben is happy when Jen is happy."

Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer in December for wrongly reporting that Garner was ending her relationship with Miller because he was jealous of her spending so much time with Affleck. Although the actress has remained on good terms with her ex-husband for the sake of their three kids, their co-parenting dynamic hasn't negatively impacted her romance. A source close to Garner assured us the story was false when it first emerged. Nearly three months have passed and the actress is still dating Miller.

And finally, Gossip Cop called out In Touch last November for falsely claiming Garner and Miller were moving in together. The actress and the CEO had only been dating for a few months at this point, but the magazine insisted they were ready to live under the same roof. We debunked the narrative when it was first published, and the couple still isn't living together as of mid-March.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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