Jennifer Garner Does NOT Have New Boyfriend, Despite Report

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Jennifer Garner New Boyfriend

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Garner New Boyfriend

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Jennifer Garner does NOT have a new boyfriend, despite a report from an often unreliable webloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this rumor. We’re told it’s “not true.”

The actress was photographed trick-or-treating with her kids on Halloween. In one of the pictures, a supposed “mystery hunk” can be seen helping Garner’s 6-year-old daughter Seraphina keep her bike balanced. And according to RadarOnline, that means Garner is dating the guy. The webloid writes, “The man was clearly no stranger to Garner’s kids as he held on to her daughter’s bike seat.”

A source close to the actress exclusively tells Gossip Cop that the man indeed isn’t a stranger, but he’s also “not anyone’s boyfriend.” The so-called “mystery man” is Garner’s neighbor who was simply being thoughtful and making sure the actress’ daughter didn’t fall off her bicycle. Mystery solved.

Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected RadarOnline for creating false rumors about Garner following her separation from Ben Affleck this past summer. We previously busted the webloid for wrongly claiming that Garner was furious with Jennifer Lopez for allegedly leaking secrets about her and Affleck’s failed marriage.

We also corrected a story about Garner’s ex-husband Scott Foley supposedly being “forbidden” from speaking to her. Like those tall tales, a source close to Garner exclusively tells Gossip Cop that this latest report about a new boyfriend is simply “not true.”

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Jennifer Garner has a new boyfriend.


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