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A new tabloid cover falsely suggests Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are set to reunite. This is fake news. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the misleading report.

The latest cover of Us Weekly alleges Garner and Affleck are "spending nights together" and strongly implies they are giving their marriage a "second chance" (see above.) Using an old photo of the former couple gazing into each other's eyes, it is all designed to make readers think they're on the verge of reconciling. But this is deceptive and not true.

The article inside the issue is actually about Garner and Affleck moving on from each other, with the actress exploring dating and the actor committed to his relationship with Lindsay Shookus. The bait-and-switch is exposed in the story's second paragraph, where the gossip magazine declares Garner is "done" with her estranged husband, "a fact that Affleck is painfully aware of." Still, the outlet quotes a so-called "insider," who contends he has "begged her to come back several times."

The publication goes on to allege that "for a brief moment... a reconciliation was possible." The tabloid points to Garner helping Affleck with his alcoholism last year, with a purported "source" claiming, "When Ben was in rehab, Jennifer was there every day, visiting." As for the pair "spending nights together," that cover line is revealed in the article to be about Affleck hanging out at Garner's home to "log some time with their children." Of course, that's not what consumers are initially led to believe based on the way the story is packaged on the front of the issue.

And despite giving readers the impression that Affleck is actively trying to win Garner back, one "source" is quoted in the piece as insisting he "loves and adores" Shookus. "This is a relationship he takes seriously," maintains the outlet's alleged tipster. Why, then, is the publication trying to dupe people into thinking Garner and Affleck are reconciling? It seems the tabloid, which is the sister outlet of the National Enquirer, just wants to sell copies.

Similarly, the magazine is also trying to lure readers online with a headline that asks, "Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck: Will They Reunite?" The answer, the article makes clear, is no, but people have to click in order to find that out. It's also notable that Us Weekly is making it seem like it's some revelation that the exes aren't getting back together when that's actually fake news. Garner and Affleck filed for divorce nearly a year ago. Though the split hasn't been legally finalized yet, Affleck is regularly seen out with Shookus.

It's no surprise he and Garner aren't actually reuniting. The publication just wants you to think otherwise. One contact close to the situation exclusively tells Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity, "[The cover] is not true. There's no reconciliation and they are in [the middle of] finalizing the divorce." A friend of the stars, who wasn't authorized to speak on the record, also confides to us that Garner and Affleck are "both working hard to create the best relationship for the kids." That's the only relationship between them these days.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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