Jennifer Garner Upset About Ben Affleck Discussing Their Marriage While Promoting ‘The Way Back’?

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Side by side photos of Ben Affleck on the red carpet and Jennifer Garner on the red carpet

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side photos of Ben Affleck on the red carpet and Jennifer Garner on the red carpet

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Is Jennifer Garner upset about Ben Affleck discussing their marriage while promoting his new movie, The Way Back? That’s the premise a tabloid has invented. Gossip Cop can debunk the made-up story.

Affleck has gotten particularly candid about his personal life in a series of recent interviews for The Way Back, in which he plays an alcoholic basketball coach. The actor has had his own struggles with alcoholism over the years, and due to the subject matter of his new film, it’s a topic that has come up during the promo tour. Affleck recently admitted his alcohol addiction was a factor in his divorce from Garner. According to Star, the actor’s ex-wife believes he’s discussing their issues just to hype his film, and she’s not happy about it.

“Jen’s telling mutual pals she’d rather he not use their failed marriage to promote his new movie,” an unknown source tells the magazine. The questionable insider further contends that Affleck’s recent interviews have put Garner in an awkward position with her boyfriend, businessman John Miller. “John’s put up with a lot, dating someone in the public eye, but he’s like, ‘Doesn’t Ben have anything else to talk about?’ And Jen agrees.”

The alleged tipster, however, goes on to say that Affleck doesn’t believe he’s going too far by talking about what led to his divorce. “It would be hard for Ben to talk about The Way Back without addressing his own addiction problems,” adds the suspicious source. “It’s been nice for him to get things off his chest.”

The magazine’s story simply isn’t accurate. In an interview with the New York Times month, Affleck called his divorce from Garner “the biggest regret of my life.” Star’s article references the interview, but he’s continued opening up about their relationship, which is on very solid ground these days. The exes, who share three kids, are committed to co-parenting together.

Just this week, Affleck told People magazine that he’s “very grateful and respectful” of Garner. He added, “Both of us really believe that it’s important for kids to see their parents respect one another… It’s important for my kids to know that I respect and care about Jen and she treats me the same way.” If the actress had truly told her ex-husband to stop talking about her in interviews, it’s clear he would have been respectful of that. Garner never made such a request.

In reality, Garner has supported Affleck throughout his struggles with alcoholism. In fact, The Way Back director Gavin O’Connor recently revealed that the actress called him and begged him not to scrap the movie after Affleck went to rehab in 2018. Not only has the actress been supporting her ex-husband on a personal level, but she even went out of her way to save his project because she knew the subject matter was important to him. It was inevitable that personal questions would arise during the promotion of the film, and Garner has no issue with the way he’s been handling that. Affleck’s spokesperson tells Gossip Cop on the record that the tabloid’s report is false.

It should be noted, Star is the same outlet that Gossip Cop busted last September for falsely claiming Affleck and Garner were getting back together. That hasn’t happened. In 2018, the tabloid wrongly reported that Garner was pregnant with Affleck’s baby, as was his then-girlfriend Lindsay Shookus. Neither woman was carrying the actor’s child. The tabloid clearly knows very little about the ex-spouses and their relationship.


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