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Jennifer Garner did not "block" Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus' wedding, despite reports. Gossip Cop can debunk untrue these stories. As we've already reported, the actor is not ready to marry his girlfriend, regardless of the status of his separation from Garner.

Sister outlets the National Enquirer and RadarOnline published identical articles on Wednesday contending Garner "refuses to sign her divorce papers," thereby preventing Affleck from tying the knot with Shookus, "who's rumored to be pregnant." The publications accuse Garner of "stonewalling Affleck's demand to finally put an end to their two-year divorce battle — because she doesn't want her ex to marry" the "Saturday Night Live" producer, "even if she's expecting." The same so-called "insider" is quoted in both stories as saying, "Ben is trying to speed things along in their divorce but Jen is stalling."

Without offering any specifics, this supposed source alleges, "Every attempt he's made is met with resistance." Affleck is described as "frustrated" and "angry," with the purported snitch also claiming, "Lindsay is living in L.A. with him and she intends to stay." It's a huge red flag, though, that this questionable "insider" makes all these assertions, yet doesn't seem to know for sure whether Shookus is pregnant.

There's further reason to be skeptical of this specious snitch when it's claimed "friends are saying" Garner is allegedly delaying the divorce" because "Lindsay's encroaching upon her territory to become Mrs. Affleck." The phrase "friends are saying" indicates that this purported "insider" doesn't have any firsthand knowledge of what is or isn't going on, nor do the tabloid and the website. There's more suspicious phrasing when it's asserted, "Now she's hearing what people are saying — that Lindsay's pregnant — and she's terrified she'll lose Ben and that he'll marry Lindsay."

Garner needn't fixate on what "people are saying" when she could simply ask Affleck herself, making this contention particularly illogical. There's also a factual error in the line about a "two-year divorce battle." Not only has there not been a "battle," but two years haven't passed since the estranged spouses filed their legal papers. Garner and Affleck filed for divorce in 2017, with the one-year anniversary just coming a few months ago in April.

The claim that Shookus "intends to stay" in L.A. is also wrong. People has already reported that while she and Affleck are spending the summer together in Los Angeles, "She maintains a residence in New York City and will have to be on the East Coast more once the new season of 'SNL' begins filming in the fall."

As for a marriage between Affleck and Shookus, "Entertainment Tonight" recently reported that he "in no rush to get married again," and "isn't ready to propose." And Garner is not the reason why. Rather, the outlet explained Affleck "wants to take things slow for the sake of his sobriety. He's actually been told to take it slow and he's heeding that advice."

In fact, Gossip Cop already busted RadarOnline earlier this week for falsely claiming Affleck and Shookus want to have a "shotgun wedding" in Hawaii. It was also alleged in that piece that the Emmy winner is "expecting." But in addition to having no sign of a baby bump, E! Online recently reported that Shookus was drinking wine on a double date with Affleck and her parents late last month.

Conclusion: There are a number of provable errors throughout these articles from Radar and its sister tabloid, the Enquirer. They both wrongly claim it's been "two years" since Affleck and Garner filed for divorce, and untruthfully maintain Shookus is planning to "stay" on the West Coast permanently. And while the publications contend she and Affleck are ready to wed and may have a baby on the way, there's substantial evidence and reliable reporting from others in the media that show none of that is accurate.

Meanwhile, no proof is offered to back up any of the allegations, including the claim that Garner is "blocking" a (nonexistent) wedding from happening by holding up a divorce. On top of all this, Affleck's rep tells Gossip Cop on the record that there is "no truth" to this narrative.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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