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Jennifer Garner is "warning" Ben Affleck that Lindsay Shookus will "trap" him, according to a completely wrong and poorly-timed report from this week's tabloids. Gossip Cop can bust the story. Affleck and Shookus aren't even dating anymore, and Garner has bigger issues to deal with as the actor struggles with his sobriety.

But in its latest issue, Life & Style features the headline, "Jen Warns Ben: Lindsay's Gonna Trap You." The article begins by contending the estranges spouses had words earlier this month following rumors Shookus was pregnant. "They got into a huge fight. One of Jen's biggest fears is that Lindsay is going to trap Ben, but he refuses to listen," an ill-informed "source" is quoted as saying.

"Ben thinks she's just jealous," contends the magazine's clueless tipster, who asserts, "And though they may just be rumors, Jen's not about to let Lindsay get in the way of what's rightfully hers." It's claimed Garner is concerned about a financial settlement for herself and her kids as she and Affleck continue the divorce process.

Maintains the questionable insider, "Jen will never forgive Lindsay for stealing her husband, and knowing that she's living in the lap of luxury at Ben's expense must be downright infuriating." The phrase "must be" indicates that the "source" is guessing and making an assumption, as opposed to providing reliable firsthand knowledge.

Further demonstrating a lack of real insight, the untrustworthy snitch alleges, "Jen is convinced that Lindsay sees Ben as meal ticket. She thinks he's just too blinded by love to see it." Actually, the actor isn't "blinded by love" at all. Affleck and Shookus broke up several weeks ago. And as opposed to using him as a "meal ticket," People reported that Affleck and Shookus split because of his drinking.

"Entertainment Tonight" also reported that Shookus wanted Affleck to enter rehab before their split, which he ultimately did with Garner's help after he and the "SNL" producer parted ways. In between the breakup and his return to rehab, Affleck sparked romance rumors by stepping out twice with model Shauna Sexton. Further undermining the premise of this story, about Garner supposedly objecting to Affleck's love life, People noted that her concern is for their kids and his sobriety, stressing, "Her concern right now is not who he is dating."

Additionally, as opposed to the actress worrying about how Shookus is affecting their finances, Garner and Affleck actually reached a divorce settlement before he entered rehab. It's expected to be signed and filed with the court after he completes treatment. If Life & Style had a legitimate "source," it should've known all of this. Instead, the tabloid is running a story that is completely disconnected from reality.

But it's not surprising to see the magazine is out of touch and off-base. That was also the case just over a year ago, when the magazine claimed Affleck was asking Garner to get back together, unaware that he was really embarking on a relationship with Shookus. The outlet was also wrong last fall when it announced Affleck and Shookus were "secretly engaged." Now the publication is embarrassingly mistaken again. Readers should remember all of this the next time the tabloid purports to have inside knowledge on the actor.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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