Jennifer Garner Convinced Ben Affleck To Dump Lindsay Shookus?

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Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck Dumped Lindsay Shookus

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Jennifer Garner Ben Affleck Dumped Lindsay Shookus

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Did Jennifer Garner convince Ben Affleck to dump Lindsay Shookus? A report claims the actress is behind her estranged husband’s breakup, but is okay with him dating Shauna Sexton. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which comes from the tabloids.

According to the Globe, Garner forced Affleck to break up with Shookus, but is “A-OK” with him moving on with Sexton, a Playboy model. It’s alleged Garner “couldn’t stand” the “SNL” producer because Shookus “hooked up with Ben” while they were supposedly still trying to save their marriage. “Jen viewed Lindsay as a homewrecker, and she was never going to let that go,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying.

“She [also] believed Lindsay was leading Ben down the wrong path when he was trying to stay sober,” contends the magazine’s untraceable tipster, who asserts, “Ben appreciates Jen’s opinion, and when she said Lindsay wasn’t right for him, Ben listened. Jen said he should date other people and he agreed. So he ended things with Lindsay.” Now in the wake of Affleck being seen out twice with Sexton, the purported snitch alleges, “Jen may not be thrilled Ben’s dating a Playboy pinup, but she doesn’t see Shauna as a threat.”

Notably, this article doesn’t acknowledge Affleck is currently in rehab, and has been since last week. He’s not out and about with Sexton. And while it’s true the actor is no longer dating Shookus, Garner was not behind their breakup. Contrary to the above contentions, Shookus and Affleck actually split due to his ongoing addiction, and Shookus had wanted him to go to rehab. His struggles with alcoholism came between them, not Garner.

Additionally, Garner hasn’t now “blessed” a relationship between Sexton and Affleck. In actuality, her main interest is Affleck’s sobriety, and how it relates to their kids. “Her concern right now is not who he is dating,” People reported. And given that Affleck is in a live-in treatment facility, he isn’t exactly dating anyone right now, nor is he focusing on his love life.

The Globe was also wrong last month when it alleged Garner was “begging” Affleck for a “second chance.” It was further claimed he agreed to “consider it.” This was significantly off-base as well. Far from getting back together, Affleck and Garner have finalized their divorce settlement, and intend to sign it once he leaves rehab.


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