Did Jennifer Garner Celebrate Divorce From Ben Affleck By Having A Baby With John Miller?

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Jennifer Garner in a red dress on the red carpet. Ben Affleck in a dark dress shirt and pants on the red carpet.

By Brianna Morton |

Jennifer Garner in a red dress on the red carpet. Ben Affleck in a dark dress shirt and pants on the red carpet.

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Last year, a tabloid published a story claiming Jennifer Garner was celebrating her divorce from Ben Affleck by having a baby with her boyfriend John Miller. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor back then and determined it was untrue. Now, one year later, we can confirm that the story was total nonsense. The fictitious baby was never born.

A year ago, Woman’s Day reported Garner was planning on having a fourth child with Miller to celebrate her divorce from Affleck. An anonymous source was quoted as telling the publication, “Jen was shocked when she found out she was expecting baby number four and said she took seven tests as she couldn’t believe it.”

The 47-year-old actress got over her shock quickly, if this so-called insider is to be believed. “Jen said she’s over the moon and that she always wanted four children.” The tipster went on to say how Garner shared the news with friends and family over Christmas. This supposed insider knew an awful lot about this “baby,” which made this source very suspicious.

Gossip Cop knew something was off with this story a year ago. At the time, we looked through recent photos of the actress and couldn’t find any evidence of a baby bump. We also checked in with Garner’s spokesperson about the possibility that Garner was pregnant with Miller’s baby. The actress’s rep told us on the record the rumor was untrue. It’s evident now from the lack of a newborn that Garner wasn’t with child.

This is far from the first time Woman’s Day has gotten details of Garner’s life wrong. The publication recently published an article claiming Garner was crushing on her co-star Edgar Ramirez. Again relying on the word of an unnamed source, the article alleged the Yes Day co-stars were seen getting “flirty” while filming the Netflix movie. As Gossip Cop pointed out when we debunked that rumor, Garner is still dating Miller. A source close to the situation also informed us the story was totally made up.

Garner’s relationship with her ex-husband is often a subject in the tabloids as well. Woman’s Day printed an article last month claiming Matt Damon convinced Garner not to take custody of their three kids away from Affleck. The piece had several falsehoods, like Affleck being banned from Garner’s property. Gossip Cop also disproved that article with paparazzi shots of the two dropping their kids off at school, then later bringing their children to a Halloween party. That doesn’t seem like the behavior of ex-spouses who ban each other from their homes. Garner has less of a problem with her ex-husband than this publication has with telling the truth.


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