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Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck were not caught "flirting" at church, despite a report. This is nothing more than inaccurate speculation based on paparazzi photos. Gossip Cop can bust the false story.

Garner and Affleck participated in an event at their church this weekend. The two are regularly seen arriving or leaving the religious venue together, since they've made keeping up with their church visits an important aspect of co-parenting their children since their separation. But OK! wants readers to think this was no ordinary outing.

On its website, the tabloid questions whether the estranged spouses are "getting back together," and asserts they were "caught getting super flirty" during their time at the church. Readers are even encouraged to "click through to see the steamy photos." But if fans fall for the clickbait, they're going to be sorely disappointed as there's nothing remotely "steamy" about the snapshots.

Paparazzi invasively took pictures through a window, photographing not just the stars, but also their crying son. Since the gossip magazine doesn't subscribe to the #NoKidsPolicy, which calls on publication to avoid buying and sharing unsanctioned photos of celebrities' kids, the outlet apparently had no problem posting the photographs online and using them for a bogus narrative. Alongside one of the pictures of Affleck and Garner looking down on their son in tears, the tabloid asserts the former couple was "super flirty during the religious service."

In another photo, Affleck appears to be lowering his head in conversation, leading the magazine to sensationally insist he "even got so close" to Garner that "their heads were touching." The outlet acknowledges the actor has "moved on" with Lindsay Shookus, but goes on to claim "that hasn't stopped Jen from wanting to fix things with her ex." But all of this is a misrepresentation of what's actually going on.

The extent to which Garner has wanted to "fix things" is about successfully co-parenting, not reviving a romantic relationship. It's precisely because they share a devotion to their children, and believe that both parents should be around, that they were at church together. But there's nothing in the photos to suggest they were "flirting" with one another, and it's ridiculous the publication is making such an allegation without even knowing what they were saying to each other.

And in a clear sign the tabloid doesn't actually know what it's talking about, the outlet references its sister magazine, Us Weekly, which last week tried to trick fans into thinking Garner and Affleck were reuniting. As Gossip Cop explained then, its cover story was actually a bait-and-switch, designed to hook readers by suggesting a reconciliation was in the works before admitting they're not actually rekindling their romance.

But Gossip Cop isn't surprised OK! isn't recognizing that Garner and Affleck are not actually getting back together. This is the same publication that claimed she was pregnant with twins nearly a year ago. Distorting the truth may be one of the tabloid's preferred pastimes, but it sure isn't journalism.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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