Jennifer Garner Performed Exorcism On Ben Affleck Before Rehab?

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Jennifer Garner Exorcism Ben Affleck

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Jennifer Garner Exorcism Ben Affleck

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Did Jennifer Garner perform an “exorcism” on Ben Affleck before he went to rehab? That’s the claim from one of this week’s tabloids. While an amusing tale, it’s holy, er, wholly untrue.

After National Enquirer, describes Garner as “saintly” and “bible-toting,” it contends she performed “a dramatic at-home exorcism” on Affleck before taking him to rehab. A so-called “source” close to Garner tells the supermarket tabloid, “Jen is a very religious person and she’s at the end of her rope with Ben’s endless screwups,” adding, “her spirituality has helped her through difficult times. Now she’s hoping it can do the same for Ben.”

The magazine further maintains Garner “dragged” Affleck inside a house and “began to recite passages and scripture from the Bible aimed at delivering Ben from his addiction demons.” “As she prayed, Ben began to cry and collapse,” alleges the publication’s tipster, who notes it felt like an “exorcism.” Right after that, asserts the outlet, they were both “drained” and then Garner drove him to a treatment facility.

While it’s true Garner is often photographed attending church (even with Affleck, at times), she did not perform an exorcism. She did, however, help her estranged husband get help. While many outlets have confirmed Garner staged an intervention for Affleck before taking him to rehab, no one has confirmed the tabloid’s tale.

It should also be mentioned that exorcisms are for Catholics, and it requires training. As widely reported, Garner is a Methodist. Meanwhile, a rep for Garner assures Gossip Cop the exorcism claim is untrue.

This is not the first time the Enquirer has published a bogus report about Garner. The magazine was one of the tabloids that pushed the false narrative linking Garner and her Love, Simon co-star Josh Duhamel. In one of the magazine’s articles, it wrongly alleged Garner was flirting with Duhamel to make Affleck jealous. And while he called Garner “incredible” in an interview with E! News, Duhamel set the record straight that they weren’t romantically involved.

Nor has the outlet been entirely accurate with the Justice League star. In April, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it maintained Matt Damon had replaced Affleck with Chris Hemsworth as his friend. Not only did we conclude it was untrue, but Affleck himself took to Twitter to mock the premise, prompting Hemsworth and Jimmy Kimmel to jump in and make fun of the tabloid’s story as well. The latest article about Garner performing an exorcism on Affleck before rehab is similarly wrong.


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