Did Jennifer Garner Dump John Miller Because He Was Jealous Of Ben Affleck?

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Two photos, one of Jennifer Garner in a dress and one of Ben Affleck in a plaid shirt

By Hugh Scott |

Two photos, one of Jennifer Garner in a dress and one of Ben Affleck in a plaid shirt

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Jennifer Garner never broke up with John Miller because her friendship with Ben Affleck was making him jealous. A year ago today, a tabloid made that false claim. Gossip Cop busted it at the time, and the actress is still with her boyfriend.

365 days ago today, the National Enquirer falsely claimed Garner dumped Miller because he was jealous of Affleck. According to the outlet’s supposed “source,” Garner saw “a side of John that she really didn’t like, and she realizes now she doesn’t want to rush into anything.” The supposed insider claims Miller, “let her know he’s not OK with Ben being around so much.”

At the heart of the issue, the tabloid falsely asserted, was Affleck’s sobriety and Garner’s loyalty to helping him. “Jen and Ben still speak almost daily and she isn’t about to change that just because the guy she’s dating is uncomfortable,” the dubious source added. “She’s ready to walk away for the sake of her family.” Garner has remained dedicated to helping her ex-husband in his sobriety efforts, including spending Thanksgiving with him after a brief relapse in October. There’s no indication Miller has a problem with this.

Garner didn’t break up with Miller at the time and wasn’t planning to. In fact, just a week before the story was published, the couple was spotted eating breakfast together in Santa Monica. To be sure, Gossip Cop checked with our own source who knows the actress well, who confirmed the story was bogus.

In the last 12 months, the tabloid’s coverage of Garner’s relationship with her boyfriend has gone from bad to worse. The tabloids have often falsely reported on Miller’s relationship with Affleck. The Enquirer itself has been even more ridiculous.

In September, the untrustworthy tabloid alleged Garner was pregnant with either Affleck’s baby, Miller’s baby or an unnamed mystery man’s baby. According to another one of the outlet’s questionable sources, “If Jen is pregnant, the dad could be narrowed down to either [Affleck or Miller]. Or it could be someone else she hasn’t told anybody about!”

Of course, Garner wasn’t pregnant with anyone’s baby. Not Miller’s, nor Affleck’s, nor Santa Claus’, nor anyone else’s. The insulting piece was debunked by Gossip Cop and unsurprisingly, time has officially disproven it. The Enquirer has absolutely no insight into Garner’s dynamic with either her boyfriend or her ex-husband.


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