Jennifer Garner Taking Karate Classes To Cope With Ben Affleck Divorce?

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Jennifer Garner Karate Ben Affleck

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Garner Karate Ben Affleck

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Is Jennifer Garner taking karate classes to cope with her divorce from Ben Affleck? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can correct the flawed narrative.

According to the Globe, the actress is training for a black belt so she can feel “centered” and “protect herself” as she continues going through her divorce. The unreliable magazine further contends that “kicking and punching helps her cope with the pressures” of Affleck’s most recent stint in rehab. “He sure needs a swift kick,” adds the outlet.

This premise is simply inaccurate. The article was likely concocted because Garner accompanied her 12-year-old daughter Violet to a karate class last month. But Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the actress, who tells us on the condition of anonymity that she “was taking part in Violet’s class for a day” and “just being a supportive mom.” Garner hasn’t enrolled herself in a karate class because of her divorce.

In fact, Garner was photographed taking her youngest daughter Seraphina to karate class back in June. She didn’t suit up for the class that time around. That same month, Affleck took their six-year-old son Samuel to a karate class. The estranged spouses clearly encourage their children to partake in the activity, but Garner herself doesn’t regularly participate.

However, Garner did reveal in an interview with People that she took mixed martial arts last year to get in shape for her new action movie Peppermint. “I’ve been training for a while on this,” she told the magazine. “I did MMA skills, gun skills, knife skills.”

When asked about her preparation for the film, Garner told Entertainment Weekly, “It was the greatest fun. Plus, no working mom is ever going to say to her kids, ‘Pardon me while I do my second workout,’ so the fact that it was my job allowed me to really indulge in that experience.” Simply put, Garner herself made it clear that her past fling with marital arts was for a movie role.

The only remotely accurate part of the tabloid’s article is that Garner sometimes engages in physical fitness. The actress isn’t currently taking karate lessons to deal with her divorce. It seems the magazine saw a photograph of Garner leaving a karate class with her daughter and tried to connect it to her split from Affleck. One has nothing to do with the other.


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