Jennifer Garner Threatening To Take Kids Away From Ben Affleck On Christmas?

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Side by side shot of Ben Affleck and the Justice League premiere and Jennifer Garner on the red carpet

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shot of Ben Affleck and the Justice League premiere and Jennifer Garner on the red carpet

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Is Jennifer Garner threatening to ban Ben Affleck from celebrating Christmas with her and their three kids? That’s the bogus story one of the tabloids is selling. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

According to In Touch, the ex-spouses got into a “screaming match” outside of the actress’s Los Angeles home the day after celebrating Thanksgiving with their children. An alleged source say Affleck and Garner were battling over his struggles with sobriety, adding, “Jen brought up her concerns that Ben wouldn’t be able to stay sober this holiday season. She was acting out of love, but it set Ben off because he’s been trying so hard after having a slip recently. He’s sober right now and felt Jen was doubting him so they got into a heated argument.”

Affleck admitted to having a setback in his sobriety at a Halloween party in October, and the supposed tipster says Garner fears the upcoming holidays will provide more temptations for him to drink. “She’s even told him that if he slips again, she won’t include him in the Christmas festivities the year with the kids,” adds the anonymous insider.

The tabloid’s report is totally untrue. For starters, there’s no indication that Affleck and Garner got into any sort of “screaming match” after celebrating Thanksgiving with their kids. Despite what the magazine’s unknown source claims, the actor’s spokesperson tells us there were “no fights” between him and his ex-wife over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The idea that Garner doesn’t want to spend Christmas with her ex is equally untrue. In fact, celebrating the holidays together as a family is something that’s very important to the actress. Affleck and Garner have celebrated nearly every big holiday together since their breakup more than four years ago. Despite the actor’s struggles with alcohol, his ex-wife has never questioned his abilities as a father. In fact, Garner has only praised Affleck’s parenting skills, even sharing a loving tribute to him on Father’s Day last year.

Garner has never kept Affleck away from their kids at any point following their 2015 split. He’s had other setbacks in sobriety during this time, but he’s always been there for his children and continues to co-parent them with his ex. This isn’t even the first holiday-themed nonsense we’ve had to correct. Just last week, two of In Touch’s sister outlets, the National Enquirer and RadarOnline, both falsely claimed Affleck was ditching Garner and their kids on Thanksgiving and escaping to the Bahamas instead. Just days after Gossip Cop debunked the story, the actor was spotted spending the holiday with his family in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, when In Touch isn’t busy making up stories involving Garner and her ex-husband, the outlet publishes fiction about her romance with boyfriend John Miller. Back in July, the tabloid wrongly reported that Garner and Miller had set a wedding date for the end of the summer. It’s now December and the couple isn’t engaged, let alone married.


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