Jennifer Coolidge Saving Skinny “American Pie” Co-Star Tara Reid Is Fake News

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Jennifer Coolidge Tara Reid

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Coolidge Tara Reid

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Jennifer Coolidge is “desperate to save emaciated Tara Reid,” claims a fake news story that was published on Friday. According to the online article, Coolidge is “helping her pin-thin ‘American Pie’ co-star” gain weight. But Gossip Cop can expose this as a complete lie.

The made-up report comes courtesy of RadarOnline, which begins its article by stating, “Reid’s skeletal frame is causing her American Pie co-star Jennifer Coolidge concern.” The outlet continues, “Now the comedic actress has vowed to make it her personal mission to save Reid before she wastes away.” A so-called “insider” is then quoted as saying that Coolidge is sending Reid “bags of fresh groceries, all healthy stuff, and keeping tabs by texting, calling and emailing.”

But that’s not all. The same alleged “source” notes that Coolidge “prides herself on her curvy MILF figure and is trying to fatten up Tara.” Coolidge is “truly worried,” adds the same bogus “source.”

If Coolidge is sending Reid “bags of fresh groceries” and “keeping tabs” on her by “texting, calling and emailing,” the two women must be in constant contact, right? Well, that’s news to Reid. She exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “That is the most ridiculous rumor I’ve heard.” After laughing it off some more, Reid assures us, “I haven’t even spoken to Jennifer since the American Pie ‘Reunion’ [film],” which came out in 2012. “Of all the rumors I’ve heard, this one takes the pie,” jokes Reid.

This is not the first time, however, Gossip Cop has busted American Media, the parent company of RadarOnline, for publishing falsehoods about the “Sharknado” star. Last November, we corrected its sister publication OK! for wrongly claiming Reid was anorexic and refusing to eat. At the time, she told us that she’s been “the same weight forever,” and “this body shaming has to stop!”

Gossip Cop also debunked its other sister magazine Star when it printed a story that same month alleging Reid was headed for a “breakdown” because of her weight. Reid called that claim “stupid” and “made-up.” Here’s the real skinny: These outlets should stop concocting big fat lies about Reid because they’re going to continue getting exposed for manufacturing fake news.