All My Children Star Jennifer Bassey Escorted Off Plane By Police Officers For Allegedly Assaulting Flight Attendant

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Jennifer Bassey plane

By Minyvonne Burke |

Jennifer Bassey plane

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“All My Children” star Jennifer Bassey was escorted off a Delta Airlines plane by the police for allegedly assaulting a female flight attendant. The actress tells TMZ that before the plane took off from New York to Indiana, she went to use the bathroom and was yelled at by a flight attendant as she made her way back to her seat.

Bassey claims the attendant loudly asked her if she was “going to flush” the toilet, and also screamed at her for supposedly not washing her hands. Bassey says she told the attendant she was going to use hand sanitizer as soon as she returned back to her seat.

The flight attendant allegedly followed Bassey to her seat and took issue with the actress still having her laptop open right before takeoff. The soap opera star says she was then accused of pushing the hand of the flight attendant, who yelled, “Don’t touch me, don’t ever touch me.” The 72-year-old actress acknowledges she told the flight attendant, “Go f*ck yourself.”

Following that exchange, Bassey says the flight attendants all gathered together and called the cops to have her escorted off the plane because she posed a “flight risk.” The police tell TMZ they were told Bassey assaulted one of the flight attendants, but they didn’t think the actress posed a risk to anyone. Even though Bassey was booted from the airplane, she was not arrested. So far, Bassey has not commented on the incident on her social media pages. What do you think about Jennifer Bassey being kicked off the airplane?


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