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America's sweetheart Jennifer Aniston has long been enviable for her longstanding successful career, her always perfect hair, and her toned physique. While having great genes never hurts, Aniston works hard to stay fit, which is quite evident as the 51-year-old hardly looks a day different from when she stole our hearts (and laughs) on the set of Friends. It's truly no wonder she recently announced that she is joining supplement company Vital Proteins as their Chief Creative Officer, but incorporating collagen into her diet is only one piece of Aniston's wellness puzzle. GossipCop has the scoop on Jen's routine for staying healthy and toned, and it all starts in the kitchen.

What Jennifer Aniston Fuels Up On For Breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important part of the day, and Jen likes to opt for a combo of lean proteins paired with healthy carbs and fat. Speaking to Bon Appétit, some of her go-to meals includes eggs over-easy, which she prefers to have a higher ratio of whites to yolks for a lean protein boost, coupled with avocado toast drizzled with oil olive and a dash of salt and pepper. Another dish she sneaks extra egg whites into includes oatmeal, which she whips in at the end to up the protein and provide a lovely, fluffy texture, a tip from her ex-hubby Justin Theroux.

When she's craving something a bit sweeter, Aniston is a big fan of healthy smoothies and protein shakes, with one of her staple recipes being a mix of bananas, cherries, blueberries, greens, pure protein, cacao, maca powder, and a scoop of collagen peptide from Vital Proteins to aid in healthy skin, nails, and hair.

How She Fuels Herself Through The Day

Whether on set, powering through a business meeting, or relaxing at home, Jennifer Aniston opts to keep lunch simple. According to an interview with Elle, her basic mantra for her midday meal includes veggies + protein, which she often accomplishes with a large salad. Another favorite includes a chicken burger with lettuce used in a place of a bun.

When she's looking for a quick fix, Jen loves to pair healthy carbs with protein, such as an apple dipped in almond butter. While chatting with Yahoo, she revealed another go-to is keeping raw veggies and hard-boiled eggs on hand for snacking.

Like most of us, Aniston still enjoys getting her caffeine fix, but as she told Bon Appétit, she opts to keep it to just one cup of coffee per day. Otherwise, she focuses on drinking plenty of water.

Her Last Meal Of The Day

It probably comes as no surprise by now that Aniston looks to incorporate protein into every meal of the day, which includes dinner. Like lunch, she focuses on a healthy combo of veggies and protein. One of her favorite meals, which she has gushed about to multiple outlets, includes a "skinny" version of pasta carbonara. She opts for turkey bacon instead of its fattier counterpart, includes the requisite egg and Parmesan cheese, but relies on the starchy pasta water to help thicken the sauce - no oil, butter, or cream is needed. For an extra punch of flavor, Jen loves to add in sautéed red onion and garlic as well.

As for late-night snacking, Aniston told Yahoo that's not really her style, but when the craving strikes, she reaches for frozen yogurt topped with granola.

What About Cheat Meals?

Jen told Yahoo that her food goals are just to eat healthy and keep her diet in check, so she doesn't need a major reset when prepping for a new film or upcoming award show. When she's hyper focused on trimming down, she avoids starches, breads, and "white" foods, arguably things that provide little nutritional value.

That being said, Aniston loves indulging in her favorites now and then, with Mexican food being her kryptonite. She told Bon Appétit she has a weakness for homemade tortilla chips dipped in guac, but salsa is a close second and a condiment she enjoys on just about everything (which pairs well with her love of eggs). When imbibing, Jen loves a simple margarita comprised of silver Tequila and lime juice served on the rocks.

Jen Puts In Serious Time At The Gym

Aniston works just as hard during her workouts as she does to maintain a balanced diet. With the help of her personal trainer Leyon Azubuike, as reported by Women's Health, Jen will work out anywhere between three and seven days a week, with some workouts lasting as long as an hour and a half per session. The focus changes based on her scheduled - upcoming movies, special events, etc. - as well as providing a wide variety of training styles to constantly challenge her body.

According to Azubuike, "We box, we jump rope, we do strength training, we do a lot of work with resistance bands—we’re big on resistance bands." Aniston told InStyle boxing quickly became a favorite of hers, as it forced her to stay mentally present rather than being able to drift out, say during a long cycling sess. It became another mainstay in her routine, as previously yoga was her go-to. It appears that as she gets older, Aniston is finding new ways to stay active and balanced in her workouts.

Another fav Azubuike pointed out was Jen's love of ab work (and it shows!), in particular variations on planks. "She can hold a two- or three-minute plank rather easily," her trainer told Women's Health. She also mixes in side planks as well as planks with shoulder taps.

Mental Health Plays A Role Too

Like her diet and workout routine, Jennifer Aniston seems to be one to favor a balanced, holistic approach to her life, and that applies to her mental health as well. Speaking with People, Aniston detailed that she takes a number of steps to focus on her emotional well-being such as meditation, walking her dogs, and indulging in mini spa days at home. She also focuses on writing down a gratitude list every morning to start her days off on the right foot. As for self-care, Jen admits, “I’ve made myself good at it, you have to really make yourself do it. That’s the last thing that people do is take care of themselves. It sort of sets the tone for your inner well-being and how you’re going to be able to take on the day. It’s important to get it in.”


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