Jennifer Aniston Does NOT Have Cameo In ‘Zoolander 2’, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Zoolander 2

By Minyvonne Burke |

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux Zoolander 2

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Jennifer Aniston does NOT have a cameo in Zoolander 2, despite a new report claiming the actress and Justin Theroux are “at war” over the film. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor. We’re told by a rep for Aniston that there’s no truth to it.

According to RadarOnline, Aniston and Theroux have been fighting with each other over the actress’ supposed cameo in Zoolander 2, which Theroux co-wrote. A so-called “source” is quoted by the webloid as saying, “Jen’s ready to pull the plug on her cameo after ‘an inch became a mile’ with Justin’s demands. Justin and Ben [Stiller] want to go to ComicCon and do some publicity stunts for the movie and he’s been begging her to get involved.”

The site further claims that while Aniston agreed to appear in the film, she does not want to do a “cheap publicity trick” to help promote it, and allegedly “lost it” when Theroux insisted she participate in the stunt. The supposed “insider” tells the webloid Aniston reminded her fiancé that “he’s forgetting who she is and that she’s not some on-call piece of arm candy… Justin forgets just how much she’s done for him. He should be grateful she’s agreed to do that cameo, not demanding more.”

It should be noted that Gossip Cop has busted RadarOnline numerous times in the past, including in June for manufacturing a report alleging that Aniston and Theroux were splitting. Now the site says this “final fight” could “end their relationship once and for all.” But RadarOnline is wrong once again. A rep for Aniston tells Gossip Cop the webloid’s latest tale is “absurd,” and that the supposed argument “never happened.”

The kicker? Aniston will NOT be in the Zoolander sequel whatsoever. Gossip Cop is exclusively told by the actress’ spokesperson that “there are no plans for her to have a cameo.” In other words, RadarOnline got this sensational story COMPLETELY wrong.

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Jennifer Aniston has a cameo role in “Zoolander 2.”


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