Jennifer Aniston Had A ‘Secret Date’ With Director Will Speck?

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Jennifer Aniston and Will Speck standing side by side at the premiere of The Switch in 2010

By Griffin Matis |

Jennifer Aniston and Will Speck standing side by side at the premiere of The Switch in 2010

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Did Jennifer Aniston have a “secret date” with director Will Speck? That’s the silly claim in one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop has learned it’s ridiculous.

Woman’s Day recognizes that Aniston is indeed a private person when it comes to dating, but immediately dismisses that notion to celebrate her so-called “secret date” last week. The magazine says that although Aniston “has been linked to her ex Brad Pitt recently,” she’s “keeping her heart open” — and it may be opening to Speck, who she’s worked with in the past.

“Jennifer and Will have a very special connection and he’s definitely a candidate to be more than just a friend at this point,” an unnamed source tells the magazine. “He’s witty, compassionate, sensitive and has a real sense of adventure and ambition, which ticks a lot of boxes in what Jen’s looking for in a guy,” the anonymous insider says.

The outlet also points to the pair’s shared work history, which includes 2016’s Office Christmas Party and 2010’s The Switch. “He adores her and she leans on him for advice because she admires and respects his outlook on life,” the seemingly phony source concludes. “The word is that it’s not a done deal yet romantically, but it certainly could be headed in that direction.”

Aniston and Speck did meet up for dinner last week, but the tabloid is twisting the get-together into a fictional romance. Gossip Cop ran the dating rumor by the actress’s spokesperson, who tells us it’s total nonsense. Plus, this storyline of a “secret date” is extremely familiar. Woman’s Day ran a similar article last year, only that time, it paired Aniston’s Friends co-star Courteney Cox with a “mystery man” that turned out to be Speck.

As we pointed out then, Speck is one of Aniston and Cox’s longtime friends. He’s joined them on trips and gotten dinner with them several times in the past few years, so it’s not exactly a shock that he and Aniston met up. That’s generally what friends do, after all. It’s strange that the outlet decided to turn such a benign event into this weird story treating celebrity relationships as a game show, with all this talk about winning candidates.

Although the tabloid does bring up the fact that Aniston is still being (incorrectly) linked to Pitt, it doesn’t address what happened in its piece from September where another “anonymous source” asserted that Pitt and Aniston had rekindled their romance. The tabloid pushed a similar narrative in July, at which time it said Aniston was hiding out with Pitt at his beach house. The magazine clearly doesn’t actually have any insight into the actress’s personal life. Instead, it’s merely trying to find another man to set her up with after the Pitt saga was proven false.


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