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Are Jennifer Aniston and Will Arnett "getting close"? A tabloid report suggests a romance might be blossoming between the stars. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively bust such speculation. In actuality, Aniston and Arnett are already close because they've been friends for years. That said, their relationship remains platonic.

In Touch is the gossip magazine sparking the misguided rumor, questioning in its new issue whether Aniston is "falling for another funnyman" after previously dating comedic actor Vince Vaughn. The outlet alleges she and Arnett "arrived at Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar afterparty together" earlier this month, with a so-called "insider" describing Aniston as "beaming" and "in good spirits." Contends this supposed source, "She caught up with friends with Will by her side, and they looked really good together." What's more is this alleged tipster further claims Aniston and Arnett later "sneaked out" of the bash together.

But these allegations are erroneous. Aniston did attend Kimmel's star-studded Oscars party two weeks ago, as did Arnett. But they didn't leave the event as a twosome. On the contrary, a friend of ours who was also an attendee at the get-together reveals to Gossip Cop that Aniston and Arnett left as part of a big group that included at least "seven other people." Meanwhile, a rep for Arnett is also calling the publication's suggestive tale "B.S.," exclusively telling Gossip Cop that the actor and Aniston are "longtime friends" and nothing more.

In fact, Aniston and Arnett's friendship is no secret. As seen in the photo above, they were hanging out together last summer at mutual pal Jason Bateman's Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony. Last year Aniston also appeared with Arnett on "The Gong Show," for which he is the executive producer. Clearly, they've been "close" for some time. There is no romantic relationship blooming now simply because they socialized at a celebrity event.

Of course, the only reason the tabloid is trying to link the pair is because Aniston separated last month from Justin Theroux. Notably, their breakup came after In Touch spent years peddling bogus split stories. The magazine is also infamously known for wrongly insisting Aniston was pregnant in 2016. Even after her rep denied on the record that she was expecting, the outlet foolishly doubled down and alleged she was "hiding her baby bump."

More than nine months have gone by, and Aniston never gave birth, thereby exposing the publication's lies and proving Gossip Cop's debunking was correct. Its falsehoods also inspired Aniston to pen an essay for the Huffington Post, in which she decried the gossip media's inaccurate fixation on her life. Unfortunately, In Touch remains as out of touch as ever.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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