Jennifer Aniston Wedding Dress Photo Is FAKE, Not Actress In Bridal Gown Picture

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Jennifer Aniston Wedding Dress Photo Fake

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Wedding Dress Photo Fake

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Jennifer Aniston has NOT released a photo from her wedding, despite a picture circulating online purporting to show the actress in a white bridal gown.

On Sunday, a Facebook page named “Jennifer Aniston” with the URL “JAnistonFans” posted a picture showing a blonde-haired woman from the back wearing what appears to be a wedding dress. With no caption, it was presumed to be a photo of Aniston, and received more than 300,000 likes and another 26,000 shares. There’s also more than 14,000 comments from people gushing over how gorgeous Aniston was on her wedding day.

Except it’s NOT a picture of Aniston, and that isn’t even the star’s page. The photo in question has actually been online for at least a year, and was posted as part of a set advertising the dress from Dimitrius Dalia, a “wedding salon” in Israel. There’s actually a forward-facing snapshot that shows the woman is most definitely NOT Aniston (see below).

As Gossip Cop reported, Aniston and Justin Theroux married in a surprise wedding earlier this month. The only pictures that have emerged from the nuptials are paparazzi shots that captured guests and workers arriving, along with aerial views of the couple’s home. Given that Aniston and Theroux have yet to even publicly speak about marrying, there’s little to no chance they’ll be releasing official pictures. If so inclined, you can see the fake wedding dress photo below.

Jennifer Aniston Fake Wedding Dress Photo

(Dimitrius Dalia)


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