Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are not "at war again," despite reports spreading online. This ridiculous narrative is being reheated for a simply absurd reason: Jolie had dinner with NBCUniversal vice chairman, Ron Meyer, who is the dad of Jennifer Meyer, who is friendly with Aniston. Because of that, Aniston and Jolie are said to be at odds again. But Gossip Cop can confirm this convoluted rumor has no merit.

The assertions originate with New Idea, an Australian tabloid. That's the first indication that these allegations are bogus, because a gossip magazine from Down Under is not going to be the publication that scores Aniston's real reaction to Jolie having dinner with Meyer in Los Angeles. Still, Yahoo! is helping to spread this far-fetched tale by claiming the two women are "at war again, this time over a new man," and alleging the "former love rivals" are "all stirred up once more."

The site contends "Jen is furious that Ange was seen getting 'cozy' with Ron at an LA restaurant recently" and feels it's "personal" because Aniston herself is "close to Ron because of her long-running friendship with his daughter." The outlet goes on to allege that while Aniston is "confident that the dinner was nothing more than a business meeting," she's still "certain Ange has orchestrated such a public get-together with the movie maker to rile her."

Yahoo! quotes a so-called "source" from the tabloid, who supposedly maintains, "She's convinced that Ange wanted to go to a restaurant where she knew they would be photographed." Aniston is further described as "asolutely steaming" that Jolie would "stoop this low." Actually, it's the two outlets that have stooped low by first concocting this bogus story and then spreading it online.

It is true that Jolie was photographed at a dinner with Meyer. But if Aniston knows it was a "business meeting," why would she also see it as a "personal" slight? That doesn't make much sense. Also, it is fairly routine for Hollywood executives and A-list stars to dine together. The notion that Jolie only shared a meal with Meyer to upset Aniston because of her friendship with his daughter is laughable.

These are two completely separate things: Jolie had dinner with Ron Meyer and Aniston is friends with Jennifer Meyer. There is no correlation. But for the sake of dredging up Aniston and Jolie's old history, New Idea decided to play a warped game of "Six Degrees of Separation," and Yahoo! apparently fell for it.

Gossip Cop, however, is told by a source within Aniston's camp that she has no opinion on with whom Jolie dines, which should come as no surprise since the two women have had nothing to do with one another for more than 10 years now. As for Jolie, we're told that the suggestion she only dined with Meyer, who oversees both film and television projects for a major media company, because of her estranged husband's ex-wife is nonsense. Jolie and Meyer have known each other for years. Gossip Cop's sources on both sides did not wish to be identified, but it is quite obvious regardless that this "war" story is a bust.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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