Did Jennifer Aniston Get Left Out Of A TV Show With Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow?

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Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow attend SAG-AFTRA Foundation's 4th Annual Patron of the Artists Awards

By Laura Broman |

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow attend SAG-AFTRA Foundation's 4th Annual Patron of the Artists Awards

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Jennifer Aniston wasn’t left out of a supposed TV show starring Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. That was the bogus claim made by one tabloid, which Gossip Cop debunked exactly one year ago. Today, the story remains as false as ever.

On February 4, 2019, Woman’s Day reported that Cox and Kudrow had “betrayed” their Friends co-star by starting development on a project together and leaving Aniston out of the loop. As usual, the publication quoted a seemingly all-knowing “insider” who suggested that Aniston is always “so busy” with other projects that Cox didn’t bother to ask her. The suspicious insider went on to suggest that Kudrow and Aniston had “never really seen eye to eye” and that Aniston was sure to see the gesture as an aggressive one by Kudrow.

Gossip Cop debunked the obviously false claim. Multiple sources close to the three stars informed us that the story was complete nonsense. Cox and Kudrow weren’t developing a secret project at all. Aniston had no resentment over being snubbed from a TV show that was never in the works.

The passing year has only further proved the phoniness of this story. For one thing, there has been absolutely no mention of any project produced by Kudrow and Cox reported by any of the Hollywood trade publications. You would think someone other than Woman’s Day‘s nonexistent source would have heard about it by now.

For another thing, there has been recent buzz in the air about the much-anticipated Friends reunion. According to The Hollywood Reporter in a story published last November, the show’s six stars (including, yes, all three women) and original creators are in talks with HBO Max for a reunion project. HBO Max, an upcoming streaming service backed by WarnerMedia, will also have all ten seasons of the original series available for your binge-viewing pleasure. If Cox and Kudrow are working on any project together, Aniston is obviously in the know.

This wasn’t the last attempt by the tabloid world to brew up drama between the three Friends leading ladies. Later in February 2019, the National Enquirer also made the claim that Kudrow and Cox were working on their own television show, specifically for the purpose of sabotaging Aniston’s new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show. Gossip Cop debunked that equally ludicrous claim. Though publications like Woman’s Day and the National Enquirer might dearly wish it, there’s simply no bitter rivalry brewing between the three friends.


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