Jennifer Aniston's trainer still isn't her "boyfriend," despite a certain site repeating an already debunked rumor about the pair dating. Rather than presenting readers with a straightforward news story, fans are being misled with clickbait. Gossip Cop can explain what's going on.

Last week, Star peddled an article suggesting Aniston and her boxing trainer, Leyon Azubuike, may be dating. There was no evidence of a blossoming romance between them, and the actress' spokesperson told Gossip Cop on the record that the claims were a "fabrication." HollywoodLife first regurgitated the magazine's inaccurate contentions, before adding in an update about the rumor being untrue (see screengrab below).

Why then is the blog now referring to Azubuike as Aniston's "rumored boyfriend" a week later? In its new article, the website writes, "As rumors continue to swirl that the two are dating, he's gushing over Jen and her athletic physique!" Calling Azubuike Aniston's "rumored new man," the outlet quotes from a new interview the boxing coach did with People.

The online publication goes on to write, "Azubuike's recent comments came after a report claimed the fitness pro and actress were more than friends after their steamy sessions together. However, neither of them have addressed or confirmed the speculation." At no point does the site acknowledge that Aniston's own spokesperson already shot down these relationship rumors, which HollywoodLife itself did, too. The blog is essentially pretending that never happened.

Its goal, it seems, is to be sensational. Compare the website's headline with that from People: "Jennifer Aniston's Rumored BF Trainer Gushes Over Her 'Natural Athlete' Workout Skills" versus "Jennifer Aniston's Trainer Leyon Azubuike Says 'She's a Natural Athlete.'" Furthermore, in Azubuike's chat with the magazine, he spoke about more than just Aniston, and discussed his fitness approach in general. Nowhere did he or People say anything about him possibly being the "Friends" star's "boyfriend."

HollywoodLife could've picked up the interview and shared it a straightforward manner. Instead, the outlet opted to deceptively package its piece to sell a narrative that it had already debunked a week ago. This goes beyond being late and wrong, as some gossip sites often are when copying the tabloids. Despite its own prior reporting about how there's "no love connection" between Aniston Azubuike, the publication still chose to twist reality.

The site knew the truth, but instead of prioritizing that, as all media should do, it opted to go the clickbait route in hopes of drawing in readers' clicks and scoring traffic. But there is no legitimate basis for using a nonexistent romance as bait like this.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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