Jennifer Aniston Top Rumor Of 2017: Pregnant At 48

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Jennifer Aniston Top Rumor 2017

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Jennifer Aniston Top Rumor 2017

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Jennifer Aniston was the subject of a number of untrue pregnancy rumors this year, including one claiming she was pregnant in February. More than nine months have gone by and she never gave birth. That’s because she wasn’t pregnant, just as Gossip Cop rightly said at the time.

The cover of Star falsely announced, “Jen Baby Joy At 48!” In the accompanying story, it was alleged that after “16 months of fertility treatments,” the actress and husband Justin Theroux “finally” had “reason to celebrate: She’s pregnant!” The gossip magazine further claimed Aniston was sporting a “baby bump” since the prior December, along with a “special glow.”

A so-called “insider” was quoted as saying, “Obviously, this is an absolute dream come true for Jen. In fact, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Jen just turned 48 this month, and she and Justin both knew that at her age, the odds were against her getting pregnant. It’s such a blessing!” The outlet’s supposed source further asserted, “I believe Jen and Justin got the news they’d been waiting for in December.” But there was no “telltale tummy” and no “baby joy.”

Aniston was not pregnant. Her rep even told Gossip Cop the publication was “scum” for manufacturing yet another made-up pregnancy cover story about the star, after having done so in 2016 and in years prior. What’s particularly notable now is that this February 2017 report was largely based on Aniston supposedly being pregnant since December 2016. Well, now it’s December 2017. A whole year has passed. And time has shown that there was never a baby. Star only delivered falsehoods.

And so did its sister outlet, OK!, which this past August declared Aniston was expecting a “miracle baby at 48.” Gossip Cop busted that cover story, too, and time has proved that it was indeed patently false, just like the other one. As 2017 now winds down, Aniston is not mothering a baby or walking around with a growing belly. She was actually just photographed arriving in Mexico with Theroux kid-free and bump-free.

Gossip Cop won’t be surprised if 2018 brings concocted “baby joy at 49” and “miracle baby at 49” cover stories. But right now, Aniston is owed an apology for this year’s lies.