Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise Upset About Katie Holmes, Justin Theroux Romance?

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Side by side shot of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at an awards show and Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston at an awards show

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shot of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise at an awards show and Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston at an awards show

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Are Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise both upset about the supposed romance between Katie Holmes and Justin Theroux? That’s the ridiculous storyline in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted Star for publishing a bogus cover story about Holmes and Theroux secretly dating. An anonymous source told the magazine the pair shared a romantic dinner in New York City, but separate spokespeople for both stars dismissed the report as fiction. Holmes’ rep even told us on the record, “Katie doesn’t know Justin.” The outlet also had very few details to back up its premise, such as exactly when or where their dinner date took place.

Not only is Woman’s Day continuing to push the false storyline, but it’s upping the ante by throwing Holmes and Theroux’s famous exes into the mix. The tabloid insists the two are “falling in love” with each other, but the news isn’t sitting well with their ex-spouses. A so-called “insider” says Cruise is “deeply upset about it but there’s nothing he can do,” adding, “After Jamie Foxx, it’s yet another humiliation to have her step out with another one of his old buddies. He must be feeling like some kind of dating service for her!” It’s worth noting, there’s nothing to indicate that Cruise and Theroux have ever been “buddies.” The magazine’s only proof of this is that Theroux co-wrote 2008’s Tropic Thunder, in which Cruise had a cameo role.

As for Aniston, “She doesn’t see [Theroux] with Katie at all,” an alleged “pal” of the Friends star tells the outlet. “She’s also a bit hurt he wouldn’t tell her about it before she found out through magazines.” If Aniston were to believe what she’s read in the tabloids, she would have also “found out” that she’s marrying Brad Pitt again and pregnant with his baby – which seems to happen about once a month.

It should go without saying, but Cruise and Aniston aren’t reeling over a nonexistent romance between their respective exes. As noted above, Holmes and Theroux don’t know each other and haven’t been spotted together in any capacity. Both stars happen to live in New York City and are involved in the New York fashion scene. That seems to be the only thing linking them, and yet it doesn’t appear they’ve even crossed paths.

It’s worth noting, Gossip Cop busted Woman’s Day in September for wrongly reporting Holmes was getting close to Liev Schreiber following her split from Jamie Foxx. The magazine has since dropped that untrue scenario and this latest article doesn’t address what happened to that alleged romance. In July, the unreliable outlet maintained that Theroux was dating Irina Shayk. That fake storyline isn’t acknowledged either. When it becomes evident that Holmes and Theroux aren’t an item, the tabloid will likely pair them up with new love interests.


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