Jennifer Aniston Doing Tell-All Interview About Brad Pitt, Justin Theroux With Ellen DeGeneres?

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Jennifer Aniston Ellen DeGeneres Tell-All Interview

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Jennifer Aniston Ellen DeGeneres Tell-All Interview

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Is Jennifer Aniston doing a tell-all interview about Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux? A new report claims she’s in talks to sit down with Ellen DeGeneres for a TV special. Gossip Cop, however, can exclusively bust the story. It’s not only untrue, but also made-up, Aniston’s rep confirms to us.

The latest issue of Woman’s Day New Zealand teases on its cover, “Jen’s First Tell-All Interview: How Brad Saved Me.” Similarly, inside the edition, a headline states, “Jen Bares Her Soul: Why I Turned To Brad.” According to the article, Aniston is “fed up with the constant whisperings about her love life,” so she’s “gearing up for an explosive interview in which she plans to reveal how [Pitt] saved her from misery.” It’s specifically claimed the actress wants to “address those persistent Brad reunion stories and tell the truth about her split” from Theroux via a “televised two-hour sit-down” with DeGeneres.

“She’s decided to speak out and set the record straight once and for all,” a so-called “source” alleges to the tabloid, claiming, “Her good friend Ellen offered to do the interview shortly after her split from Justin.” While it’s asserted Aniston was “initially hesitant,” the supposed snitch maintains she ultimately changed her mind in order to “put to bed some gossip.” The magazine goes on to contend the “candid interview” will take place on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” with “no topic off limits.”

Alleges the outlet, “The new interview has already been pitched to TV executives at [NBC and] they are currently in talks about the deal.” Adds the purported tipster, “They’ve already spoken to the network and they’re hoping to do a two-hour special as soon as possible.” The publication predicts “bombshell after bombshell” will be dropped, particularly since Aniston and Pitt are supposedly back together. That leads the tabloid to repeat its already debunked claim from last week about Aniston and Pitt sharing a “secret hideout” in the Hollywood Hills.

The truth is that, as People reported in February, Aniston and Pitt “haven’t seen each other in ages,” much less rekindled a romance. And while it’s probable the “Friends” star will ultimately discuss the demise of her marriage to Theroux in some kind of interview, likely to be a magazine cover story at some point down the line, she has no real reason to “set the record straight.” As Aniston and Theroux said in their separation announcement, “Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.”

Not only does that comment still stand, but this article certainly counts as one of those “fictional narratives.” The actress and DeGeneres are indeed friends, with Aniston attending her 60th birthday bash earlier this year, but they aren’t planning to do a two-hour interview together. It’s worth noting that DeGeneres isn’t even known for the kind of “tell-all” the gossip magazine is describing, nor would it be up to NBC if they were to do the sit-down through her talk show, which is distributed through Warner Bros. Television and syndicated to the network.

Most importantly, while Woman’s Day is using a seemingly fictional and uniformed “source” for this story, Aniston’s spokesperson tells us on the record that the story is “made-up [garbage].” She may not be speaking out just yet, but Gossip Cop will continue to separate what’s real from what’s rumor as necessary.


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