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The most famous celebrity break-up of this millennium has to be between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. The two former spouses continue to adorn tabloid covers to this day over their very public divorce. One magazine claims Aniston is still heartbroken over Pitt. Gossip Cop looks into the rumor.

Jennifer Aniston in a pink dress and Brad Pitt in a suit, when they were married.
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‘Pain Behind The Smile’

The cover story of Woman claims that Aniston’s “brave public face” is just a facade to hide that she “is still struggling to come to terms with her turbulent relationship with Brad Pitt.” Between the recent news that Pitt is seeing married model Nicole Poturalski and the Fast Times at Ridgemont High reunion, Aniston is now reckoning with the “elephant in the room over whether or not” she and Pitt will “end up together again.” There were moments during the Fast Times reunion where she and Pitt laughed together, but the tabloid asks “did Jen’s laughter mask a deep-rooted sense of sadness?”

Even though Aniston and Pitt “started speaking regularly again,” the Office Space star is still “upset” at how “Brad moved on so quickly with Angelina.” A source says Pitt “still feels extremely guilty about that,” so there is room for reconciliation. The two have “worked through most of their issues” by “attending therapy” together. The two “shed a lot of tears and resolved never to discuss” the divorce again. Perhaps this could mean “hope for the future.”

This Is Ancient History

Tabloids will never move on from Aniston and Pitt even if both of them have. The two are on amicable terms, as seen at the SAG awards last year and the aforementioned Fast TImes reunion, but that doesn’t mean they’re about “to give this another full-blown shot.” Being friendly with an ex is not the same as getting back together. This entire story comes from a single source who really should not be trusted, as it seems they know too much.

Therapy Details Are Impossible

Woman claims Anison and Pitt went to a therapist recently to talk through their issues. First off, we find it hard to believe that long broken up exes would go to therapy (presumably over Zoom?) together. Even if they did, the only people who would know if they “shed a lot of tears” would be Aniston, Pitt, and the therapist. None of these people would or could talk to this tabloid, making that whole anecdote completely unbelievable.

Aniston: “I’m Not Heartbroken’

In a 2018 interview with InStyle, Aniston was asked about some of the biggest misconceptions about her. The Friends star started talking about tabloid stories about her love life. She said “First, with all due respect, I’m not heartbroken. And second, those are reckless assumptions.” In her own words, Aniston isn’t nearly as helpless as tabloids make her out to be.

“Heartbroken” Aniston Is A Tabloid Staple

This story is hardly original. Last year, RadarOnline claimed Aniston was feeling “heartbreak” after seeing ex-husband Justin Theroux kiss Ilana Glazer. That kiss was from a movie set, so it’s safe to say Aniston was fine with it. Plus, she and Theroux have continued to be friends since their divorce.

The Sun said Pitt and Aniston were reuniting to make a romantic comedy. Suffice to say that movie was completely made-up, just like this story about a loveless Aniston. It feels like every single week every single tabloid publishes another bogus story about drama related to Pitt and Aniston. They have been divorced far longer than they were married, so Gossip Cop thinks it’s well past time for tabloids to move on.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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