Jennifer Aniston “Happily Single” Or Marrying Brad Pitt Again?

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Jennifer Aniston Single Getting Married

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Jennifer Aniston Single Getting Married

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Is Jennifer Aniston “happily single” or on the verge of marrying Brad Pitt again? Inexplicably, OK! published both assertions on the same day. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

On Wednesday morning, the latest edition of the tabloid hit newsstands with the cover declaring, “Brad & Jen’s Big Baby Announcement!” The front of the issue also touted, “Date set for their second wedding after being apart for 13 years!” In the article, it was alleged Pitt recently told his family that he and Aniston have “rekindled their romance — and plan to get married again.”

A so-called “insider” was quoted as saying, “They’re ready to give their romance another shot, and they want to do it properly — as husband and wife.” It was further asserted that while they have “set a date,” Aniston and Pitt “will probably quietly elope.” The magazine’s supposed source maintained, “To them, this wedding is more about their commitment to each other.”

But shortly after midday Wednesday, the outlet’s website posted a starkly different narrative: “Don’t Need A Man: Happily Single Jennifer Aniston Is Too ‘Focused On Work’ To Bother With Dating.” Wait, what?! The publication’s brand-new issue says she and Pitt are getting married again. But on the tabloid’s site, this article states, “Between wrapping up her new movie Murder Mystery and spending summer in Europe, dating is the very last thing on Jennifer Aniston’s mind.”

Referring to Aniston’s “lack of romance,” the magazine here quotes a source as saying, “She isn’t concerned about dating. She is happy to focus on work.” The outlet even ends by asking readers, “What do you think about Jennifer’s desire to remain single?” At no point does the publication acknowledge that its current print edition insists Aniston is planning a wedding with Pitt, and even supposedly having a baby with him, too. And, for the record, OK! also doesn’t admit that the assertions about Aniston not being “concerned about dating” are taken verbatim from People without any credit or attribution.

How are readers supposed to reconcile the tabloid’s vastly different and conflicting stories? This actually reminds Gossip Cop of a similar incident a few months ago, when the magazine did a cover story in late May about Pitt and Aniston having a baby together, only for the website to later debunk pregnancy rumors about the actress. In that case, though, there was at least a few days between the contradiction. This occurred on the very same day, only hours apart. (See screengrab below.)

OK! is doing readers a double disservice: The first disservice is peddling the falsehoods about Aniston marrying Pitt in the first place. Such claims are unequivocally untrue, as Gossip Cop explained in our bust. But the second disservice is muddying the waters by announcing, albeit rightly, that Aniston is “happily single.” While we obviously appreciate the magazine sharing the truth (even if the original reporting wasn’t properly cited), it’s likely the outlet’s readers are now confused. What to believe — the publication’s print edition or its website?

The tabloid can’t have it both ways. But as long as it continues to try, Gossip Cop will keep separating fact from fiction accordingly.



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