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Is Jennifer Aniston really selling her Bel-Air home? One of the tabloids claims she plans to ditch her estate and move to Ojai. Gossip Cop investigated, and we've exclusively learned the report is untrue.

"Lonely Jen Sells Her Love Nest," reads a headline in the latest edition of Heat. According to the magazine, Aniston has "put her Bel Air mansion on the market as she's haunted by the memory of her estranged husband," Justin Theroux. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "She's put it up for sale and wants to move further out to Ojai and keep a condo in West Hollywood for work purposes."

The outlet's supposed snitch contends, "Jen says the house is still full of bad vibes and she's constantly reminded of Justin. She's even complaining that she can still smell him inside." As the story continues, though, there's a notable factual error, with the publication claiming Aniston bought the property in 2011. In actuality, Aniston purchased the Bel-Air mansion in 2012, a transaction that was widely covered by the media at the time in reports that are still available online. If the tabloid can't even get this readily available detail right, readers should be skeptical about the article's claims.

The magazine acknowledges that Aniston celebrated the home in an Architectural Digest cover story earlier this year, but asserts the "vistas have turned sour" due to her subsequent breakup with Theroux. Now she's said to be "fed up [with] his lingering presence in her home." It's further alleged that the "Friends" star is partially motivated to relocate because she's "heading back into the dating scene." Claims the purported tipster, "Jen thinks that no potential boyfriend will want to be in the house she shared with another man... She insists [moving is] the only way she can feel secure."

In addition to taking note of the aforementioned factual error, readers should also be aware that Heat has published a steady stream of provably false stories about Aniston since she and Theroux split, including bogus claims about the actress being "betrayed" by Brad Pitt and being "too humiliated to go out." Now this is another phony storyline, one that has actually been circulating for months. In the immediate aftermath of Aniston and Theroux's split, it was falsely alleged the Bel-Air home was for sale. That wasn't true in February, and it still isn't true now in June.

This new story is based on a single, unidentifiable "source," but Aniston's spokesperson tells Gossip Cop on the record, "She is not selling the house and does not want to move to Ojai." Additionally, not a single real estate-focused publication has reported the property is for sale, a stark contrast to all the coverage the purchase received six years ago. Eventually selling the estate is not out of the realm of possibility. But if and when Aniston makes that decision, fans shouldn't expect a tabloid like this one to break the news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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