Jennifer Aniston Upset Selena Gomez Is “Siding” With Justin Theroux?

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Jennifer Aniston Selena Gomez Sides Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston Selena Gomez Sides Justin Theroux

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Is Jennifer Aniston upset with Selena Gomez for supposedly “siding” with Justin Theroux? A new report claims the women’s friendship is now in jeopardy. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story.

According to Woman’s Day Australia, Aniston and Gomez have spent years growing a “maternal” bond, so their pals are “stunned” that the singer-actress has “sided” with Theroux amid a “messy split.” The tabloid points to recent tabloid photos of Gomez hugging Theroux, pictures that are described as being “like a knife to [Aniston’s] heart.” A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Jen couldn’t believe Selena was still so cozy with Justin, despite everything he’s put her through.”

It’s not said what, exactly, Theroux has put Aniston “through,” nor is it explained why their split is suddenly “messy.” But the gossip magazine’s supposed snitch laments about Gomez, “Jen has welcomed Selena into her home like a member of her family. She’s spent hours on coaching her; it felt like Selena was her little sister.” But now, claims the alleged tipster, Aniston “can’t help but wonder whether Selena was closer to Justin than she let on. Otherwise, why would she so blatantly go against the girl code and secretly remain friends with him? It just doesn’t make sense to Jen.”

Actually, the problems lie in this article, not in Gomez’s behavior. Given that she was friends with both Aniston and Theroux prior to the couple’s breakup, it makes sense that she would remain friends with both of them afterwards. The pop star is not taking “sides” merely because she was seen hanging out with Theroux, nor was anything “secret” about their time together. As Gossip Cop has already reported, that get-together was actually organized by Aleen Keshishian, who manages all three stars and a number of other celebrities.

As Keshishian showed off on her Instagram page, she gathered Gomez, Theroux and other clients who were on the East Coast to see Billy Crudup, whom she also represents, in an off-Broadway show. It was an entirely innocent hangout, but by leaving out this relevant information, the outlet makes it seem like Theroux and Gomez were up to something nefarious. It makes little sense, though, to claim Aniston would be so affronted by her own manager getting together a group of people that happened to include Gomez and Theroux.

But after the National Enquirer last week tried to claim Gomez was “betraying” Aniston by hanging out with Theroux, it seems Woman’s Day was inspired to do this the same. As Aniston’s rep told us then, however, she has not taken issue with Gomez and claims to the contrary are just “silly.” Additionally, the exes have already shown they aren’t letting their split get in the way of their mutual friendships. That’s why Aniston and Theroux both attended a birthday party for Jimmy Kimmel’s son last month without incident. It might be easier to lure readers with claims of drama, but there’s no proof that there’s actually been any.


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