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Last month, Gossip Cop rounded up five wrong dating rumors about Jennifer Aniston. Now we're taking another look at some more phony relationship stories that have been peddled about the actress in recent months. And yes, Brad Pitt is involved again.

After In Touch falsely claimed in May that Aniston and Pitt were having a baby together, the tabloid tried selling a similar narrative with a cover story 10 days ago that announced a "wedding and a baby" for the former spouses. It was alleged the stars were "set on rushing their divorces and pushing for a summer wedding." The article was filled with fictitious details about the supposed nuptials, plus the claim that they were "hoping to conceive naturally," but also willing to try IVF or adopt. Of course, this tale was just as bogus as the previous one, with Aniston's spokesperson telling Gossip Cop it was a "made-up story that has no relationship with reality." Meanwhile, Pitt's rep said it was so obviously wrong that an official commented wasn't even warranted. Back in February it was known that Aniston and Pitt weren't dating, and nothing has changed.

Right before Aniston announced her split from Justin Theroux earlier this year, RadarOnline claimed she was already turning to "ex" Gerard Butler for support. The site's sister publication, the National Enquirer, ran a virtually identical article in its print edition, exclaiming in a headline, "Jen Dumping Justin For Gerard!" Both outlets alleged The Bounty Hunter co-stars secretly reconnected months earlier, and maintained they had been "flirting with a reunion for a while." But the former colleagues were never a couple to begin with. Butler himself denied dating Aniston nearly 10 years ago, something he also personally conveyed to Gossip Cop. And when we investigated these claims that the actor was now aiding Aniston during her "marriage meltdown," a Butler confidante expressed shock that no one contacted them to fact-check before the meritless allegations were spread.

In March, RadarOnline set its sights on an actual Aniston ex, Vince Vaughn. The blog claimed the newly-single star was "leaning on" her former boyfriend and The Break-Up co-star, and that they had been "chatting a lot over the phone." Tellingly, the website made no mention of whatever happened with Butler, but did assert that Aniston wanted to show Vaughn her appreciation by helping him get his "passion movie project off the ground." Unsurprisingly, though, no details about the purported film were provided. That's probably because this story was just as fabricated as the Butler one. Vaughn's rep confirmed to Gossip Cop that he had no involvement in Aniston's post-split life, and we also pointed out a 2015 Playboy interview in which Vaughn spoke about their relationship but made no mention of keeping in touch.

The following month, OK! ran an article contending Aniston was being pursued by Orlando Bloom, Chris Evans and Jared Leto. The magazine claimed she was "back on the Hollywood dating scene," with Bloom "calling nonstop." It was also alleged Aniston's phone started "blowing up" when Evans split from Jenny Slate, and that she and Leto had "hung out before" and could be a good match now. Yet Aniston wasn't ever seen out with any of these guys, and no legitimate publication reported that she was even interested in embarking on a new relationship. On the contrary, the far more reputable People had already noted that Aniston isn't a "fan" of dating and that she wasn't looking forward to having her love life be in the spotlight again. As Gossip Cop also noted at the time, her spokesperson denied the tabloid's story was true, and the outlet later abandoned this storyline to jump on the equally wrong Pitt bandwagon.

Meanwhile, amidst all these stories linking Aniston to various stars, Celebrity Insider declared both she and Theroux were having "major regrets" over their split. Plagiarizing from an already debunked RadarOnline piece, the site alleged the "Friends" star was "pining" for her estranged husband and wanted to "give her marriage another shot." Aside from that being untrue, what was particularly strange was that after stating in its headline that Theroux, too, was regretting the breakup, the article itself said he wasn't "necessarily on the same page" about reconciling. As the report went on, it became even clearer that its assertions were cobbled together from different places regardless of consistency and accuracy. And, as Gossip Cop explained then, the truth was that Aniston and Theroux's post-divorce lives entailed both of them moving on and not spending their time looking back.

In further proof that all of these allegations were and still are inaccurate, People just reported this week that Aniston is "very happy being single." She's in the midst of filming Netflix's Murder Mystery, her first post-split project, and is embracing life without Theroux. But Pitt, Butler, Vaughn, Bloom, Evans and Leto are not in any way involved.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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