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Stories about Jennifer Aniston showing off a "revenge body" are fake news. As photos show, the actress looks the same as she did before her split from Justin Theroux. Gossip Cop can expose a second tabloid this week for wrongly leading readers to believe otherwise.

On Monday, we called out New Idea for ridiculously claiming Aniston was flaunting a new "revenge body" to show Theroux and ex-husband Brad Pitt "what they're missing." The magazine pointed to paparazzi pictures of the actress relaxing poolside in Italy, stressing how "a bronzed Jen looked stunning as she showed off her washboard abs and lithe limbs." Asserted the outlet, "Looking good is the ultimate revenge for Jen."

But as Gossip Cop explained, Aniston looked no different than she did while vacationing with Theroux in Mexico back in December. And her decision to lay out by a pool this month had nothing to do with getting "revenge" on him or Pitt. She was on private property during a break from filming Murder Mystery when paparazzi infringed on her privacy and used long lenses to surreptitiously take her picture. This "revenge body" narrative was a sensational, bogus take.

And now the National Enquirer is guilty of concocting a similar storyline. According to the publication, Aniston is "putting her 'revenge body' out for the cameras" and "looking great while shooting Murder Mystery." The tabloid contends the movie will be "Jen's first chance to show off a brand-new revenge body since her bitter split." What "new" body? Maintains the magazine, "Jen gave herself a complete overhaul while getting ready to turn 50 years old in Feb. 2019."

The purported "overhaul" is said to include "lip injections, fillers, breast implants and a fabulous brand-new wardrobe." The outlet claims Aniston "began to cultivate her hot new look at the start of summer," and quotes a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Word among her friends is she's already had a boob job." The phrase "word among her friends" indicates this supposed "insider" has no first-hand knowledge, and further shows that the publication itself doesn't have direct confirmation.

Also, consider this timeline more closely: Filming for Murder Mystery began the week of June 25. It can take weeks to fully recover from a breast augmentation, which means if Aniston had one "at the start of summer," which is around June 21, she couldn't have possibly been ready to start shooting her movie just days later. Despite this fallacy, the tabloid tries to substantiate its plastic surgery claim by quoting a doctor who has never treated Aniston and is only making judgments from paparazzi photos. But pictures of Aniston from the last decade show she looks virtually the same.

It should be noted that the snapshots used for this story are of Aniston filming Murder Mystery, which means she wasn't trying to "show off" anything but simply play her character. Another problem with this tale is that it's alleged Aniston's "main motivation" for her supposed "revenge body" has been her "outrage" over Theroux "seemingly dating" Emma Stone. As Gossip Cop has repeatedly reported, they are not dating. In fact, Stone recently said Theroux is "like my brother." The tabloid first tried to claim Stone and Theroux had inspired Aniston to get a "revenge makeover" a month and a half ago. It's not any more true now than it was then, which is to say it's visibly not true at all.

The Enquirer and New Idea are both trying to dramatically sell rather run of the mill paparazzi photos of Aniston by concocting phony backstories for the pictures. The truth is much simpler: Aniston, looking the same as she has for years, lounged by the pool recently. Aniston, looking the same as she has for years, shot a new movie. Her appearance in either case has nothing to do with Theroux, and these stories trying to get readers to believe otherwise are nothing but fake news.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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