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Jennifer Aniston is not "pregnant and in hiding," despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust the untrue report. The actress is neither expecting nor trying to hide a non-existent pregnancy.

But the latest cover of New Idea falsely announces, "Jen's Shock News: Pregnant And In Hiding!" Claiming to have "photos that will shock the world," the gossip magazine features paparazzi pictures of Aniston exiting a private jet in California. These snapshots were actually released online on April 28, and there is nothing shocking about them. The "Friends" star is merely seen greeting friends at an airport in Van Nuys, California after disembarking. But the outlet is wrongly alleging they were taken in New York, and contends she was "struggling to hide what looked like a pregnancy" and a "tell-tale bump."

The publication maintains Aniston went to "the Big Apple for some rest and relaxation" and is "keen to avoid the spotlight," but as opposed to having confirmation, it only offers speculation. A so-called "source," for instance, is quoted as saying, "If Jen is pregnant, she is moving heaven and earth to hide it and keep the pregnancy under wraps." This supposed snitch goes on to assert, "She doesn't want to run the risk of being spotted in LA, so she's trying to stay out of the spotlight as much as she can."

This theory makes little sense. Manhattan isn't exactly an under-the-radar locale for celebrities. Stars are routinely followed by photographers in the city, so the notion that Aniston left Los Angeles to hide in New York is absurd and illogical. In fact, when Aniston and Justin Theroux split in February, People reported that she "tried spending more time in New York City with him but found it miserable dealing with constant paparazzi." If she needed to seek refuge, that's not the place she would go.

It's also quite apparent the actress hasn't been "in hiding." Fewer than three weeks ago Aniston attended WE Day in California. There was no "tell-tale bump" in sight. After all of these missteps, the tabloid goes on to contend that "another huge reason for her wanting to lie low" is "problems" with Brad Pitt, who is said to be "the father of her child." The magazine claims the exes "rekindled their fairytale romance" earlier this year, but "have been on the rocks in recent weeks" due to his purported "relationship" with Neri Oxman.

"While Jen is hopeful that she and Brad will work things out, she's also preparing herself for the fact that she may have to raise this baby alone," alleges the outlet's questionable insider. Curiously, the publication makes no mention of Aniston previously being pregnant and adopting with Justin Theroux, which is what this same tabloid falsely presented as a cover story last November. Then in February, the magazine insisted Aniston was marrying Pitt and adopting a baby with him in yet another cover story. Aniston clearly sells copies for the outlet, but the publication isn't offering readers anything remotely resembling the truth.

Instead, New Idea cobbles together sensational and often inconsistent lies. Aniston wasn't pregnant last fall, and she still isn't pregnant now. Nor has she "rekindled" anything with her former husband. People even explained in February why it is highly unlikely Aniston and Pitt would ever get back together. So there are holes in every aspect of this narrative: Aniston is not having a baby with Pitt, she has not been in hiding and she isn't residing in New York. It's no wonder some have nicknamed the tabloid No Idea.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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