Jennifer Aniston NOT Pregnant Or Showing Baby Bump, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Not Pregnant February 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Not Pregnant February 2016

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Jennifer Aniston is NOT pregnant, despite a report falsely claiming to have photos that “prove” she’s expecting Justin Theroux’s baby. Gossip Cop can debunk the allegation.

The photos in question were taken earlier this week when the couple stepped out for the New York premiere of Zoolander 2 (see right). According to OK!, Aniston “showed off her va-va-voom cleavage on the Zoolander red carpet, but all eyes were on another bump.” The tabloid’s website declares, “The 46-year-old actress displayed a tiny baby bump at the movie’s premiere.”

Of course, there was no baby bump whatsoever, but OK! tries to manipulate readers to click through its photo gallery to see the photos that “prove she’s finally going to be a mother!” In its shameful quest for traffic, the site writes, “Bump, there it is! The actress’ figure-hugging red Galvan gown put her possible baby bump on full display!”

So the magazine goes from announcing there’s pictures that “prove” Aniston is pregnant, and uses that hook to pull a bait-and-switch, claiming inside the gallery that it’s only “possible” she’s expecting. The ridiculousness continues when it’s speculated that Aniston and Theroux’s “smiling” at the event could be because they’re “ecstatic over the new addition.”

But these transparent attempts at tricking readers is nothing new for OK!, which actually wrongly claimed last September that Aniston was pregnant with twins, and even went as far as using a fake ultrasound photo to dupe people. But if she was truly expecting then as it was alleged, Aniston obviously wouldn’t have only a “tiny baby bump” now five months later. But there was no pregnancy then, and there’s no bump now. We look forward to nine months from now when OK!’s reporting once again fails to deliver.

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Jennifer Aniston is pregnant.


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