Jennifer Aniston Still With Justin Theroux & NOT Pregnant, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Dumped

By Daniel Gates |

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Dumped


Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant. She has not dumped Justin Theroux. Both rumors were fabricated by Star for a cover story that’s totally false. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report.

According to the outlet, things are “over for the couple.” A Star source explains, “Jen and Justin have been growing apart since the start of the year. They lead virtually separate lives… It was only a matter of time before things fell apart.” The magazine claims Aniston “dumped her fiancé” during a recent phone call. But Star says there’s a “silver lining: After over a year of trying, it appears that the star is finally pregnant.”

Most of the tabloid story just rehashes old rumors about Aniston and Theroux’s conflicting schedules and time apart, alleged arguments about a wedding date, and the same kind of non-specific filler that tabloids have written about the couple for years. And Star has some nerve pretending to have knowledgable sources for Aniston and Theroux, having infamously declared that they had broken up just days before they became engaged in 2012. The tabloid subsequently published other phony breakup stories about the couple, who have remained together.

The only twist in the new report is that Aniston is allegedly expecting a baby. “It’s in the very early days. Neither of them has made an announcement,” explains a made-up Star source. “But she’s going to keep the baby whether she’s with Justin or not.”

Oh, so now Star isn’t sure if they’re still together? Let Gossip Cop set the record straight. Aniston and Theroux are very much still a couple. They are NOT expecting a baby. Period. A rep for Aniston exclusively tells Gossip Cop the Star story is “100 percent fiction.”


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