Jennifer Aniston Still NOT Pregnant, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant

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Jennifer Aniston is still NOT pregnant, despite a webloid attempting to fuel a false rumor that Gossip Cop has already debunked. We can once again put an end to this nonsense.

As Gossip Cop reported, In Touch published a bogus cover story earlier this week blaring, “Jen’s Finally Pregnant!” The tabloid featured shots of Aniston in a bikini during a recent vacation with husband Justin Theroux, and made the baseless claim that the actress was sporting a “baby bump.”

But a rep for Aniston exclusively told Gossip Cop, “The whole story is B.S. and made up. She is not pregnant.” And yet the repeatedly discredited HollywoodLife is still continuing to spread the false narrative. The publicly humiliated webloid posted photos of the actress holding a jacket while out in New York City on Friday, and then skewed the innocuous image by writing that she “conveniently placed a jacket right in front of her stomach” to hide a supposed bump.

We’re onto you, Jen!” the unreliable site writes, claiming that Aniston was also “showing what seemed to be a little tummy under a white tank top” during a dinner outing this week. “Just come out and tell us already!” adds the clueless outlet. But the only thing HollywoodLife needs to be told is that Aniston isn’t pregnant, and yet the webloid just refuses to listen.

Of course, HollywoodLies has been busted making up multiple pregnancy rumors about Aniston in the past, so it isn’t particularly surprising that the shameless site would try to perpetuate the fabrication. But Gossip Cop can once again confirm that the actress isn’t expecting a baby, and the webloid’s latest purely speculative claim is simply late and wrong.

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Jennifer Aniston is pregnant.


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