Jennifer Aniston NOT Getting Plastic Surgery To “Save Marriage,” Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery

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Jennifer Aniston is NOT getting plastic surgery to “save her marriage,” despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can correct the absurd story.

The article can be found in this week’s In Touch, where a headline announces, “Jen: Plastic Surgery To Save Her Marriage.” It’s said Aniston was “horrified” when she saw recent photos of herself in which she supposedly looked “much older” than husband Justin Theroux. “She immediately decided to do something about it,” says the magazine, which dramatically refers to the problem as “the biggest test of her marriage.”

It’s alleged Aniston received Botox and fillers, and a so-called “insider” also claims she “had something done to the tip of her nose.” The publication goes on to write, “And it’s not just because her vanity: She and Justin are fighting and she’s desperate to hang on to him.” Their issues supposedly include arguing about where to live and the amount of time they spend apart for work.

“Jen’s been incredibly insecure while Justin has been off doing back-to-back-to-back projects,” says the alleged tipster. “Jen’s recent plastic surgery tune-ups are proof that she would do anything to save her marriage.” A second “insider” further claims, “She thinks she has to continue getting work done to keep him interested.”

It’s also said Theroux “loves her more youthful look,” and naturally, the tabloid quotes two plastic surgeons who have never even met Aniston as speculating about what she’s had done. And yet all this is coming from the same tabloid that repeatedly insisted the actress was pregnant months ago. It’s also the same outlet that claimed Theroux himself was obsessed with Botox in 2014, but had forbidden Aniston from doing the same.

Now two years later, Aniston is getting the work done and Theroux loves it? In Touch can’t keep its lies straight. Most important, though, is that the couple isn’t having relationship troubles. Aniston has no reason to get plastic surgery to “save her marriage.” The whole story is a work of fiction.

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Jennifer Aniston is getting plastic surgery to save her marriage.


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