Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux NOT “Over,” Despite Report

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By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Over Justin Theroux December 2015

(Life and Style)

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are NOT “over after five months” of marriage, despite a new tabloid cover story falsely announcing a “divorce bombshell.” Gossip Cop can debunk the baseless report.

According to the new issue of Life & Style, which hit newsstands on Tuesday, “Life as Mrs. Theroux has been harder and lonelier than Jennifer Aniston ever imagined.” In fact, the magazine alleges that Aniston’s “first Christmas and New Year’s Eve as Justin Theroux’s wife will be her last.” And the couple’s “long-distance relationship” is said to be the reason why.

The outlet’s sources drone on and on about the time Aniston and Theroux spend apart, failing to acknowledge that this isn’t some new development, but the structure they chose to set up for their lives long ago. It’s what has worked for them, and despite the way it’s being represented now, it’s still working. Nevertheless, one supposed “source” declares, “Things have gotten so bad, friends think it’s over and a divorce announcement is imminent.”

Referring to Aniston’s split from Brad Pitt, the alleged tipster even adds, “She’s dreading the possibility of having to announce her second divorce.” Life & Style even uses its new cover story to get out of its previous surrogacy claim. As Gossip Cop reported, the tabloid alleged earlier this month that Aniston had announced she’s having a baby via surrogate.

She never made any such statement, however, and now the outlet is conveniently backing away from that angle by claiming Aniston and Theroux’s fighting and difficult schedules have ruined the plans. And despite blaring that “it’s over” and there’s a “divorce bombshell,” the magazine covers itself at the very end by quoting its “source” as saying Aniston is “just praying it doesn’t come to that.”

Well, there’s no need to worry. Aniston and Theroux are currently on a holiday vacation, as Gossip Cop has already reported, and we’re told divorce is definitely NOT on the horizon. Of course, we have no doubt that won’t stop Life & Style from repeating the claim countless times in the new year.


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