Jennifer Aniston’s Famous Suitors Include Orlando Bloom, Chris Evans, Jared Leto?

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Jennifer Aniston Famous Suitors

By Andrew Shuster |

Jennifer Aniston Famous Suitors

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A tabloid report claiming Jennifer Aniston has various male celebrities pursuing her is completely made-up. The actress’s famous suitors are said to include Orlando Bloom, Chris Evans and Jared Leto, but there’s no truth to the story. Aniston’s rep says it’s false.

Earlier this week, Gossip Cop debunked a bogus OK! story about Aniston being back on the “Hollywood dating scene.” That’s not the case, but the magazine is also purporting to know some of the famous men lining up to date the actress. Bloom has supposedly been “calling nonstop” since she split from Justin Theroux, according to a suspicious source, who adds, “No one would be surprised if they hooked up.”

The outlet’s alleged insider further contends that some of Aniston’s friends are pushing her towards Evans. “Jen’s phone blew up when news broke that Chris was single,” says the questionable tipster. As the story goes, the actress is hesitant to date the 36-year-old Avengers star because “she thinks the age gap may be too much.”

And finally, Leto is supposedly in the mix because he and Aniston “have hung out before, and Jen thinks he’s so cool.” The seemingly phony source says many of the actress’s pals believe she and the actor are a good match. The “insider” adds, “He seems like a tortured artist but is really nice.”

Despite what the tabloid’s anonymous and untraceable sources claim, the actress’s spokesperson had denied this phony narrative. People also reported in February that Aniston “isn’t a fan of dating” and “never was.” The actress particularly “hates all the media attention” that comes with Hollywood romances, so it’s unlikely she’s looking to jump into another one so soon after her separation. Regardless, Aniston’s rep confirms the magazine’s article is fabricated.

It’s also worth noting, this isn’t the first time OK! has linked the actress to another male celebrity in the wake of her split. Gossip Cop recently called out the tabloid for falsely claiming that Jason Bateman’s wife was sick of Aniston leaning on her husband. Although that article acknowledged the frequent co-stars are just friends, it’s another example of how the magazine is making up scenarios surrounding Aniston and other famous men following her split.


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