Jennifer Aniston “Office Christmas Party” Interview On “GMA” – WATCH VIDEO!

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Jennifer Aniston Office Christmas Party GMA Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Office Christmas Party GMA Video


Jennifer Aniston and her Office Christmas Party co-stars did a joint interview broadcast on “GMA” on Thursday. Check out the video below!

In the holiday-themed comedy, Aniston plays an uptight CEO whose rowdy brother throws a crazy Christmas bash in hopes of landing a client that will stop her from closing their office. T.J. Miller, who portrays the wild-child sibling, joined Aniston for the sit-down chat, along with colleagues Jason Bateman and Courtney B. Vance. The group discussion was led by the morning show’s Amy Robach, who said she “laughed my bleep off” at the film.

Aniston and Bateman then amusingly teased the “Good Morning America” anchor, wondering what the “bleep” stood for. Miller pointed out that it doesn’t matter much since Robach apparently doesn’t have it anymore. The actor, who was appropriately dressed in a festive holiday sweater and will host the Critics’ Choice Awards this weekend, was then nominated as the cast member most like his character. “I think it’s important to be part of the holiday spirit,” Miller said quite seriously.

Aniston, meanwhile, confirmed that her role originally wasn’t such a key player in the project. “It was a smaller part. That’s how they got me. Three days of work,” she said, which did not turn out to be the case. And, on being movie’s “mean one,” Aniston said, “[It’s] absolutely fun to play something that’s just so far from who you actually are.”

Vance and Miller, however, joked that she’s not that different from her character, prompting Aniston to insist, “I’m not dead inside.” Naturally, more quips followed. Watch below!

NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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