Jennifer Aniston Not Pregnant, Despite Perez Hilton Report

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Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Perez Hilton

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant Perez Hilton

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Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant, despite Perez Hilton thinking she might be. As Gossip Cop exclusively reported last week, In Touch was 100 percent wrong when it published a cover story that claimed “Jen’s finally pregnant.” A rep for Aniston told us, “The whole story is B.S. and made up. She is not pregnant.”

Enter Perez, who sometimes can’t get a story right, even if we spotted him the R, I, G, H, and T. On Monday, the questionable blogger scribbled that despite Aniston’s rep’s pregnancy denial, he’s “still a little skeptical.” And as proof, Perez noted that the actress and her husband Justin Theroux were seen in New York “out for a date night on Father’s Day.”

After relaying how Aniston and Theroux shared dinner with Howard Stern and his wife Beth on Father’s Day (or Sunday, as it was also known), Perez commented on the actress wearing “an awfully flowy, black jumper,” as if she’s hiding a baby bump. He then added that Aniston was possibly sending “mixed signals” because the two couples went out for sushi, which is on the don’t eat list for expectant mothers.

Let Gossip Cop clarify this. Aniston and Theroux went out to a Sunday night dinner with Howard Stern and his wife. The fact that it was Father’s Day is meaningless. She wore a flowy dress because it was a hot day in New York. And she ate sushi because, wait for it, she’s not pregnant. To say Gossip Cop is “skeptical”‘ of Perez’s reporting abilities is an understatement.


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