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Jennifer Aniston Miracle Baby OK

(OK Magazine)

Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant with a "miracle baby at 48," despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop has exclusively confirmed this is yet another fabrication.

OK! has published more than a dozen false pregnancy stories about Aniston over the years. To just highlight a few: In September 2015, the tabloid wrongly announced she was expecting twins after an "IVF miracle." In March 2016, the narrative changed to an equally untrue claim about Aniston adopting two girls. Then in September 2016, a year after the purported twins pregnancy, there was a fabricated cover story about Aniston supposedly having a girl. Ironically, on the front of that edition, the gossip magazine exclaimed, "Yes, It's True!" There was nothing true about it, of course, and it's with that history in mind Gossip Cop presents this latest offering.

The front of the new issue blares, "Jen Miracle Baby At 48!" Inside, the outlet writes, "After years of false starts and stressful speculation, sources say Jennifer Aniston is finally expecting." It should be noted "false" is another ironic word choice, given that this tale is false just like all the ones that came before it. The article hinges on the photo Theroux recently posted on Instagram of Aniston kissing him for their second anniversary, with the tabloid alleging it was taken just after she told him she's pregnant.

This isn't based on any hard evidence. Rather, it's suspiciously based on "buzz" from "Jen's circle," and that "buzz" is not even coming to the publication directly. Instead, a so-called "insider" is quoted as claiming, "No doubt they're ecstatic. Her friends say they've been trying since even before they got married." The "no doubt" phrasing is an assumption, and the "friends say" line confirms that this is second- and third-hand information. Similarly, the magazine continues to set red flags waving when it contends, "According to the insider, Jen's friends have said that the couple enlisted the help of IVF right after their honeymoon."

These phrasings make it abundantly clear no one from "Jen's circle" spoke with the outlet, which actually seems unsure whether she really is with child. In another tell-tale sign, the tabloid writes, "That Jen could be expecting at the age of 48 is certainly surprising." So OK! went from declaring on its cover that Aniston is having a "miracle baby" to only asserting in the article that she "could be expecting." There's additional suspect speculation about how Theroux's support "must've kept" Aniston going through IVF struggles and how best friend Courteney Cox "probably has the most info." None of these guesses, however, or claims from what an "insider" supposedly "heard" from Aniston's "friends" are a substitute for actual facts.

So, Gossip Cop has a real, verified, authentic fact to offer: Aniston is not pregnant, her rep confirms to us. A second source with whom we spoke also questioned why any readers would "believe them anymore," given the years of telling similarly fabricated tales. It's a fair question. What's not fair is OK! lying again and again.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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