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Jennifer Aniston is not "leaving Hollywood" and moving to New York to save her marriage to Justin Theroux. There is no relocation in the works and no need to stave off a divorce. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story, which comes from the tabloids.

"Jen Quitting Hollywood To Save Her Marriage," announces a headline in OK!, which contends, "For better or worse, Jennifer Aniston puts L.A. in the rearview for life in NYC with hubby Justin Theroux." According to the gossip magazine, a "return to the Big Apple" is part of a "last-ditch attempt to save her marriage." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Jen loves L.A. so much, but it's not worth her marriage. Justin is miserable unless he's on the East Coast, and Jen has finally admitted they're going to have to compromise on where they live to make things work."

The outlet also asserts that "part of that trade-off includes bidding farewell to big-budget films that shoot all across the globe." Instead, a purported "source" claims Aniston is "pushing" for her new Apple series with Reese Witherspoon to "shoot in New York. That way, she can stay put for the next few years and really make a life with Justin. She loves making feature films, but she loves her husband more."

In addition, the publication alleges "Justin dangled the ultimate carrot: a baby." Alleges the supposed "insider," "He says that he'd much rather raise a kid in New York than L.A... [But] she's telling friends she's not sure she even wants a baby anymore. In her mind, she's already got one; his name is Justin!" Well, that's odd since this same tabloid claimed Aniston was pregnant with a "miracle baby" in August. This new article obviously contradicts that and does not acknowledge its previous pregnancy lie.

Rather, the magazine just maintains Aniston has a "master plan to please her homesick hubby," with one of the alleged tipsters stating, "Being in New York keeps Justin happy, so that's where she'd decided to be for now. She's putting her marriage first." Gossip Cop wishes OK! would put fact-checking first. If it did, it never would've falsely said Aniston was pregnant a few months ago, and would've learned from the actress' rep now, as we did, that it's "not true" she's leaving L.A. to live in New York full time. Aniston and Theroux are bicoastal and will remain so, as that's what works for their marriage.

Furthermore, while the outlet makes it seem like the "Friends" star is imminently moving and starting work on her new show, multiple outlets have already reported that Aniston and Witherspoon's Apple series doesn't have a premiere date or even any scripts yet. Not to mention, the publication doesn't say how Witherspoon would feel about filming in New York. So it seems that not only did OK! not bother to fact-check its contentions, but they also weren't well-researched, either.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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