Jennifer Aniston NOT “Always Half-Naked” At Home, Despite Report

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Jennifer Aniston Half Naked Home

By Michael Lewittes |

Jennifer Aniston Half Naked Home

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Jennifer Aniston is not always “half-naked” at home, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this piece of fiction. We’re told it’s all made-up.

According to an alleged “former bodyguard,” when Aniston “answers the door in the morning, she’s in a camisole and underwear. She never covers up.” The same so-called “former bodyguard” further contends that Aniston’s “always half-naked. When she’s not in her underwear, she’s in a bikini.” I can name all the moles on her body, that’s how many times I’ve seen her undressed,” adds the unnamed ex-employee.

There are a lot of problems with the tabloid’s article, including why Aniston would answer her own door if she has security at home. But that’s the least of the issues. Curiously, the magazine now asserts that Aniston’s “always half-naked,” but seven years ago the same publication ran a headline that exclaimed, “Jennifer Secret Nudist!” In that tall tale, the outlet maintained, “She flaunts her nakedness in front of her help,” adding, “She’s not shy or inhibited at all.”

So, how does that work? In front of housekeepers she’s flaunted her “nakedness,” but for former bodyguard she was only “half-naked”? At the time of the “nudist” article, Aniston’s rep exclusively assured Gossip Cop the story was “totally ridiculous, just like Star magazine.”

But that’s not all. The tabloid’s sister publication, OK!, ran a piece in 2014 that stated Aniston likes to “do a yoga workout first thing in the morning while naked.” In that article, the tabloid quoted a purported “source” as explaining the actress feels “clothes get in the way of doing the poses properly.” So for yoga instructors and housekeepers Aniston is naked, but for alleged former bodyguards she’s just “half-naked”? Once again, we were told that yoga story was untrue.

Now, the tabloids would like its readers to forget its claims that Aniston is a “nudist,” who likes to do yoga in the morning in the buff, and instead believe that the actress likes to prance around in her house in her underwear. At the rate the magazines are going, in 10 years from now they’ll be publishing stories about how Aniston only welcomes people at her home completely covered in long skirts and sweaters.

The naked truth is Aniston is not always undressed at home. She wears clothes like everyone else, especially when people come over. Once again, Gossip Cop is assured by an insider that the tabloid’s tale is wrong.