Jennifer Aniston “Doesn’t Want To Get Back” With Brad Pitt, Opening Wellness Center Is Fake News Story

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Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Want Brad Pitt Back

By Shari Weiss |

Jennifer Aniston Doesn't Want Brad Pitt Back

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A story announcing Jennifer Aniston “doesn’t want to get back” with Brad Pitt and instead plans to open a wellness center as she divorces Justin Theroux is 100 percent fake news. Gossip Cop can break down all the falsehoods in this report.

The National Enquirer is announcing “new plans” for Aniston on its website, declaring she’s chosen “biz over boyfriends amid divorce buzz.” The supermarket tabloid contends that although the actress’ marriage to Theroux “may be over,” fans shouldn’t “expect”‘ her to “reunite” with Pitt. “Jen doesn’t want to get back with Brad,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying.

Instead, Aniston is supposedly “planning another kind of midlife change,” contends the gossip magazine. It’s specifically alleged she wants to “launch a lifestyle business,” with a supposed source maintaining, “It will not be a website like Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, but rather a physical building where guests can go and get services.”

The impetus for this article appears to be two-fold. Earlier this month, the outlet reported Aniston and Theroux were “racing to [a] $225 million divorce.” And in September, the publication alleged Aniston was opening a wellness center. The latter contention had a kernel of truth to it. In Aniston’s Harper’s Bazaar cover story that month, the star admitted, “My dream is to open a wellness center.”

But Gossip Cop exclusively confirmed with Aniston’s rep on the record that this was not a project actively in the works. And now the tabloid has combined the two allegations — a divorce from Theroux and a new business — for this latest story. Then, to make it juicier, the magazine further added in a Pitt angle. Altogether, the story and its quotes are all fake.

No one close to Aniston would announce to the gossip media that she’s not getting back together with Pitt because every genuine “insider” and every reputable outlet already knew that wasn’t even on the table. As widely reported, Aniston an Pitt text on occasion, but that’s the extent of it. Additionally, Aniston has not announced plans to divorce Theroux, but even if they split, a reconciliation with Pitt isn’t a plausible option, confirm reps for both stars to Gossip Cop. We would say the National Enquirer is winding down 2017 in some alternate reality, but the publication tends to peddle fiction like this all year long. For real news about Aniston in 2018 and beyond, stick with us.

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